Memory Foam Mattress

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Memory Foam Mattress

There have been complaints in recent years about the spare bed at my parents house. People who would normally complain about sleeping arrangements have complained about the spare. Others have simply let it be known in subtle ways that the floor is more comfortable than the bed.

After torturing people in the spare bed last Christmas, I decided to do something about the mattress. I went to and found, to my delight, that they had 2" memory foam mattress toppers on sale. I ordered one for the spare bed.

We put the mattress top on the spare bed. My parents tried it, and immediately secreted it away to their room.

This leaves the problem that the spare bed is still a torture device, and we have guests visiting.

To my delight, the mattress tops were still on sale. We got a new mattress top.

At seventy bucks a pop, these mattress tops are a great way to upgrade any old futons, hide-a-beds or old mattresses. Anyway, since the mattress tops were a great hit, I thought I would make a page and try to sell them. Check out to see if they are still available.