Lindsey Gardens

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Lindsey Gardens

Lindsey Gardens the Avenues of Salt Lake City has an off leash area. As I have been tasked with walking a dog, I thought it would check it out. Lindsey Garden Park is adjacent to the 250 acre Salt Lake City Cemetery. This cemetery is the largest City operated cemetery in the United States.

Lindsey Gardens is marked as containing one of the eight official off leash areas in Salt Lake County Park system (PDF); So, I thought I would check the area out.

On June 15, 2007, I headed out with Coco in tow for some frisbee tossing. Unfortunately, I discovered that the section of the park set aside for the dogs was covered with trees. The trees made frisbee tossing a chore. Even worse, the pine trees had dropped cones that had little sharp thorns. The frisbee game failed. When I tossed the frisbee, Coco would step on a pine cone and wipe out.


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