A Fetching Dog

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Coco is a Fetching Dog

Coco is a fetching dog. She loves jumping high in the air to catch a flying disc.

As her Frisbee habit consumes a great deal of my time, I've ended up with a large selection of frisbee dog photos.

Soft Bite Floppy Disc

Soft Bite Floppy Disc, Large

Paws down, my favorite Frisbee so far is the Floppy Disc by Soft Bite. This inexpensive frisbee has a body of durable nylon wrapped around surgical tubing. The disc has a long clean flight and is very easy to snatch out of the air.

The Disc held up to several hundred throws and a game or two of tug of war with other dogs.

The Floppy Disc comes in three sizes. The medium is the best disc for all but the smallest of dogs.

Zisc Disc

ZiscCoco's newest toy is a Zisc Disc from SitStay.com.

Wolfgang Man and Beast

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