Pictures of City Streets

The modern American is a creature of the urban landscape. This collection of galleries shows pictures along city streets. The pictures are primarily from the Mountain West.

I tend to concentrate on streets of historical or commercial significance. The gallery includes pictures of traditional main streets, with a few parkways and side streets thrown in for interest.

Often, highways transform into city streets at the buildings close in and the traffic becomes dense.


1300 East ( 34 pictures): Pictures along 1300 East in the Salt Lake Valley.

300 West - Salt Lake City ( 20 pictures): Pictures from along 300 West in Salt Lake City.

3300 South ( 96 pictures): This gallery shows pictures of 3300 South in Salt Lake City, Utah.

3900 South ( 85 pictures): Pictures of 3900 South in the Salt Lake Valley.

4500 South ( 38 pictures): This gallery shows pictures from along 4500 South in Salt Lake City, Utah.

700 East ( 33 pictures): 700 East

Central Avenue Phoenix ( 3 pictures): Pictures from Central Avenue in Phoenix

City Creek Shopping Center ( 122 pictures): Pictures of the new shopping center at city creek.

Foothill Boulevard ( 30 pictures): Pictures along Foothill Boulevard in Salt Lake City.

Highland Drive ( 84 pictures): A Profile of Highland Drive in Salt Lake City.

Main Street - Salt Lake City ( 129 pictures): Pictures from Salt Lake City Main Street.

Park Avenue ( 50 pictures): Pictures from Park Avenue leading into Park City.

Park City Main Street ( 61 pictures): Pictures of Main Street in Park City

Parley s Way / 2100 South ( 113 pictures): Pictures from Parley s Way in Salt Lake City.

Potholes ( 5 pictures): pictures of potholes

Redwood Road ( 5 pictures): Redwood Road is the primary artery on the West Side of Salt Lake City.

South Temple ( 218 pictures): Photos along South Temple in Salt Lake City.

State Street-Salt Lake City ( 275 pictures): Pictures along State Street, the main drag of Salt Lake City, Utah

Wasatch Boulevard ( 80 pictures): Pictures of Wasatch Boulevard in the Salt Lake Valley.

Total Pictures: 1481

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