Campanulaceae Family

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Canterbury BellsCanterbury Bells (06/14/2009) The Canterbury Bells were doing well in this seasons abnormally wet Spring.

Blue Canterbury BellsBlue Canterbury Bells (06/16/2009) Blue Bellflowers.

White and Blue BellflowersWhite and Blue Bellflowers (06/16/2009) White and blue bellflowers against a red fence.

Red RosesRed Roses (06/16/2009) Red Roses framed by white bellflowers.

Canterbury BellsCanterbury Bells (06/16/2009) We have a combination of white and blue Canterbury Bells growing in our garden.

Red White and BlueRed White and Blue (06/16/2009) I was delighted to find this patriotic display of a red rose tangled with white and blue Canterbury Bells in our garden. Notice the unique structure of the rose. It has three little flower sections.

Red White and Blue DisplayRed White and Blue Display (06/18/2009) The Bell Flowers have never come out this strong. Must be the rain.

Canterbury Bells and RoseCanterbury Bells and Rose (06/18/2009) Canterbury Bells are entwined with a rose.

1-8 Pictures

Campanulaceae Family

The Campanulaceae Family is a group off flowering herbs and shrubs in the Asterales Order with some 70 genera including Canterbury Bells.

Context: Flowers

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Garden Shots (91 pictures) Canterbury Bells are a popular garden flower.


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