Main Street - Salt Lake City

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Utah State CapitolUtah State Capitol (05/30/2013) A view taken Southwest of the State Capitol at 350 N State St, Salt Lake City, Utah.

First SnowFirst Snow (11/05/2013) It was snowy this morning in Utah's Capital City.

SLC BalletSLC Ballet (11/05/2013) SLC Ballet is a new dance school at 1164 South Main Street.

McCune MansionMcCune Mansion (05/30/2013) The McCune Mansion on 200 North Main Street is a stately manor built on Main Street as it climbs from Temple Square to the State Capitol. The mansion is used as a reception center.

McCune MansionMcCune Mansion (05/30/2013) The McCune Mansion on Main Street in Salt Lake City.

West Site of CapitolWest Site of Capitol (07/04/2009) This is the West Side of the Utah State Capitol.

Main Street Pedestrian PlazaMain Street Pedestrian Plaza (06/25/2009) There is a delightful garden atop the gates entering the Main Street Pedestrian Plaza at Temple Square.

Pedestrians Among the ConstructionPedestrians Among the Construction (06/25/2009) There are covered walkways to help pedestrians navigate the construction in downtown Salt Lake City.

Main StreetMain Street (06/25/2009) Looking down Main Street from South Temple.

Main StreetMain Street (06/25/2009) Pedestrians causually cross Main Street as crane perform a high wire act high above the city moving I-beams into place.

Construction TimeConstruction Time (06/25/2009) A contractor drives a cool crane truck past the public clock at the trax station in downtown Salt Lake City.

The Mall Must WaitThe Mall Must Wait (06/25/2009) The trip to the mall must wait as they build a new one. Click the picture to shop online.

Temple Square TraxedTemple Square Traxed (06/25/2009) The rails of Trax swerve onto South Temple to avoid running into the Salt Lake Temple. It is an interesting challenge to take a picture of the spires entwined with the train\'s power lines.

South TempleSouth Temple (06/25/2009) A view of the Salt Lake Temple from the construction walk around on Main Street. I cofess, I manipulated the photo by lighting the Brigham Young Statue.

Brigham Young MemorialBrigham Young Memorial (06/25/2009) This statue of Brigham Young stands on the intersection of Main Street

Salt Lake ConstructionSalt Lake Construction (06/25/2009) A businessman tries to survive through the long months of construction in downtown Salt Lake City.

South Temple ConstructionSouth Temple Construction (06/25/2009) Bright colors of the building materials stand out during the construction along South Temple in Salt Lake City.

Zion s First National BankZion s First National Bank (06/25/2009) A marble bank building on Main Street.

Zion s Bank BuildingZion s Bank Building (06/25/2009) The hole created by the reconstruction of the ZCMI Mall exposes the Zion's Bank Building in downtown Salt Lake City.

100 South and Main100 South and Main (06/25/2009) The Deseret News Buildings and Benion Jewelers line 100 South between Main and State Streets.

129 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-100 , 100-120 , 120-129

Main Street - Salt Lake

Salt Lake City has an interesting design with two primary roads running North Soutn through downtown.

State Street starts and the state capital and runs through the entire valley. State Street is the choice location for government offices, including the City County building, Federal Building, utilities and county offices.

Main Street is the traditional commercial and cultural center of Salt Lake City. When I first arrived in Salt Lake, the city had a bustling Main Street lined with shops. In the mid 1970s, city planners took a mis-step and placed two malls across the street from each other at the top of Main. This cleaned out many of the shops.

With the completion of Trax along Main Street, just prior to the 2002 Winter Games, Main Street has started the process of regaining its lustre. This gallery shows pictures from Salt Lake Main Street.

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Context: City Streets

State Street-Salt Lake City (255 pictures) State Street (US 89) runs one block to the East of Main Street.

UTA Trax (156 pictures) The Trax Light Rail runs along Main Street into the heart of the city. Trax has three stops on Main.

Salt Lake City (439 pictures) This gallery shows additional pictures of Salt Lake City.

Gallivan Plaza (45 pictures) This gallery shows additional pictures of the Gallivan Plaza on Main Street.

Temple Square (115 pictures) In 2000, the LDS Church purchased the section of Main Street to the East of Temple Square and turned it into the Main Street Plaza.

South Temple (208 pictures) Main Street currently starts at South Temple. The section of Main adjacent to the LDS Temple was transformed into a pedestrian plaza in 2000.

Little America (20 pictures) This gallery has additional pictures of the Little American and Grand American Hotels in Salt Lake City.

City Creek Shopping Center (122 pictures) City Creek Center is a new (2012) Shopping District with a skywalk across Main Street in downtown Salt Lake.

A Walk Through the Big City (135 pictures) Pictures from a walk through downtown Salt Lake.


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