Fort Missoula

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Walk WayWalk Way (10/25/2007) Fort Missoula offers pleasant walk ways surrounded by historical displays.

Agricultural EquipmentAgricultural Equipment (10/25/2007) The museum includes numerous displays of agricultural equipment.

Fort Missoula LayoutFort Missoula Layout (11/08/2007) This view includes the restored Grant Creek School House and distant silo.

Moving a CabinMoving a Cabin (10/25/2007) The museum prepares a display for a frontier cabin.

Grant Creek School HouseGrant Creek School House (10/25/2007) This frontier school house was built in 1907 and moved to the Fort Missoula museum in 1976.

Drummond Train StationDrummond Train Station (10/25/2007) This is bound to cause confusion to commuters, but the Drummond train station was relocated to the Fort Missoula museum.

Old CabinOld Cabin (10/25/2007) An old cabin on display at Fort Missoula.

Frontier ConstructionFrontier Construction (10/25/2007) A building on display at Fort Missoula.

Fort Missoula DisplayFort Missoula Display (10/25/2007) Fort Missoula uses historic buildings for display space.

Quartermaster s WarehouseQuartermaster s Warehouse (10/25/2007) The Quartermaster's Warehouse serves at the main display space at the Fort Missoula museum.

Sliderock LookoutSliderock Lookout (10/25/2007) Picnic tables offer a view of the Sliderock Lookout.

Miller Creek Guard CabinMiller Creek Guard Cabin (10/25/2007) The Miller Creek Guard cabin is now on display at the Fort Missoula Museum

Leaky PipeLeaky Pipe (10/25/2007) A pipe art sculpture on display at the Fort Missoula museum

WalkwaysWalkways (10/25/2007) Fort Missoula has a well developed set of walkways for people who like to stretch their legs.

Train on DisplayTrain on Display (10/25/2007) A steam engine on display at Fort Missoula.

LocomotiveLocomotive (10/25/2007) This Shay Type Gear-Driven Locomotive was built by Willamette Iron and Steel Works in 1923.

Steam TractorSteam Tractor (10/25/2007) Historical farm equipment on display at Fort Missoula.

Fork LiftFork Lift (10/25/2007) Fort Missoula in Missoula Montana houses displays of historical work equipment.

Pioneering Farm EquipmentPioneering Farm Equipment (10/25/2007) Early farm equipment on display at Fort Missoula.

Farm EquipmentFarm Equipment (10/25/2007) Farm Equipment on display at Fort Missoula in Western Montana.

40 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40

Fort Missoula

Historic Fort Missoula in Western Montana is currently used as a historical museum with several acres displaying everything from trains and farm equipment to military history.

The Rocky Mountain Museum of Military History is adjacent to the History Museum. It provides displays relevant to the military history of the United States and of Western Montana.

Sierra Trading Post

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Missoula, Montana (62 pictures) This gallery shows pictures from Missoula.

The Bitterroot (65 pictures) The Museum is on the Bitterroot River just South of its confluence with the Clark's Fork River.


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