Lolo, Montana

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Lewis and Clark MarkersLewis and Clark Markers (10/25/2007) Markers commemorate the explorations of Lewis and Clark on US93 South of Lolo

Bitterroot RiverBitterroot River (10/25/2007) Highway 93 crosses the Bitterroot River between Lolo and Missoula, Montana.

Lolo on the BitterrootLolo on the Bitterroot (10/25/2007) The Bitterroot River as it flows through Lolo, Montana.

Ski SlopesSki Slopes (10/25/2007) A tiger stripe of ski slopes can be seen over the suburbs of Lolo, Montana.

Baldy MountainBaldy Mountain (10/25/2007) Baldy Mountain lies to the East of Lolo, Montana.

Lolo CasinoLolo Casino (10/25/2007) A casino on US93 in Lolo, Montana.

Performance Auto GlassPerformance Auto Glass (10/25/2007) Houses with a view tower over a Lolo auto shop.

Dukes Secondhand AntiquesDukes Secondhand Antiques (10/25/2007) Secondhand antiques are popular with those who can't afford new antiques.

Lolo, Montana - 59847Lolo, Montana - 59847 (10/25/2007) Lolo is home of Post Office Zip Code 59847

Thayne s Prime CutsThayne s Prime Cuts (10/25/2007) A hairstylist/child care business in bustling Lolo, Montana.

Day s Inn - LoloDay s Inn - Lolo (10/25/2007) Day's Inn is part of the Wyndham chain of hotels and resorts.

China Palace Restaurant - LoloChina Palace Restaurant - Lolo (10/25/2007) China Palace occupies an elegant barn shaped building in Lolo, Montana.

China Palace RestaurantChina Palace Restaurant (10/25/2007) An interesting restaurant building in Lolo, Montana.

Family PracticeFamily Practice (10/25/2007) A family clinic in Lolo, Montana.

Harvest Foods - Bitterroot Valley BankHarvest Foods - Bitterroot Valley Bank (10/25/2007) Harvest Foods and Bitterroot Valley bank occupy a strip mall in Lolo Montana.

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Lolo, Montana

Lolo is a town on US93 in Missoula County.

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Missoula, Montana (62 pictures) Missoula is just north of Lolo.

The Bitterroot (65 pictures) Lolo National Forest is in the Bitterroot Mountains. The Bitterroot River flows through the town of Lolo.

Victor, Montana (14 pictures) Victor, Montana is a small town to the South of Lolo.

Highway 93 (207 pictures) US93 runs North South through Lolo.

Hamilton, Montana (59 pictures) Hamilton, Montana is south of Lolo (upstream on the Bitterroot).


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