300 West - Salt Lake City

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Meadowbrook CampusMeadowbrook Campus (12/16/2008) The SLCC Meadowbrook campus is between Trax and 300 West.

Pedestrian WayPedestrian Way (12/16/2008) This pedestrian bridge crosses 300 West at 3900 South.

Cement PlantCement Plant (12/16/2008) A cement plant in Salt Lake City.

300 West Bridge300 West Bridge (12/16/2008) 300 West ends at 3900 South.

ContempoContempo (12/16/2008) There is an interesting selection of interior design stores on 300 West between 3300 South and 3900 south.

Gygi Culinary ArtsGygi Culinary Arts (12/16/2008) This shop on 300 West offers cooking classes.

Foremost InteriorsForemost Interiors (12/16/2008) Foremost Interiors has a solid exterior.

Old Home BreadOld Home Bread (12/16/2008) The Old Home Bread bakery on 300 West in Salt Lake.

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300 West - Salt Lake City

Pinched between Interstate 15 and Main, 300 West was a choice location for warehouses and service industries. With the installation of Trax, 300 West is now a booming commerce corridor with an intriguing selection of box stores, malls and independent merchants.

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