4500 South

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TerracesTerraces (02/22/2013) Snow covered terraces on the South End of Olympus Hills Park viewed from 4500 South.

2180 4500 South2180 4500 South (02/27/2013) A medical office complex on 4500 South in Holladay.

Spoonful of ComfortSpoonful of Comfort (02/27/2013) This office at 4543 is home of an internet company called Spoonful of Comfort which sells get well gifts featuring homestyle Chicken Soup.

The Villiage ProfessionalThe Villiage Professional (02/27/2013) A professional office complex on the corner of Holladay Boulevard and 4500 South.

Stair RampStair Ramp (02/27/2013) A stair ramp on an office complex in Holladay at about 2400 East

Covered StairCovered Stair (02/27/2013) A covered stair keeps off the snow at this office complex on 4500 South.

Olympus Pines ParkOlympus Pines Park (02/27/2013) A rather uncomfortable little park on the corner of 4500 South and Holladay Boulevard.

Little Park Busy IntersectionLittle Park Busy Intersection (02/27/2013) This prime piece of real estate next to a busy intersection was turned into a park because someone like the trees. I love trees and neighborhood parks, but worry about kids and the intersection.

Check CityCheck City (05/25/2013) Check City has a location on the corner of 4500 South and State Street in Murray.

Discount TireDiscount Tire (05/25/2013) A auto repair shop at 120 East 4500 South in Salt Lake City.

Utah Medical AssociationUtah Medical Association (05/25/2013) The Utah Medical Association tower viewed from 4500 South.

Strip MallStrip Mall (05/25/2013) An auto parts store and Chinese Buffet occupy a strip mall on the corner of 4500 South and State Street in Murray.

Gated CommunityGated Community (00/00/0000) A gated community on 4500 South across from The Residence Hospice.

The ResidenceThe Residence (00/00/0000) The Residence is a hospice by Caresource on 4500 South.

Highland SpringsHighland Springs (00/00/0000) Highland Springs is a gated community just off 4500 South.

4500 South Above Wasatch4500 South Above Wasatch (12/25/2013) After crossing Wasatch Boulevard, 4500 South winds up the alluvial plane at the base of Mount Olympus.

Top of 4500 SouthTop of 4500 South (12/25/2013) This picture shows 4500 South just above Wasatch Boulevard.

37 Pictures: 0-20 , 21-37

4500 / 4700 South

This gallery shows pictures from 4500 South in Salt Lake City Utah.

Running East-West, the road starts at Wasatch Boulevard at the foot of Mount Olympus and crosses the East Belt Route of I215. This bridge has one of steepest slopes of any major bridge in the US and required additional engineering effort for its replacement in 2008.

The road takes at steep drop with a slight northnern bent through the Holladay area of South Salt Lake. The site

The Road straigtens out at 2300 East and heads through the central valley and crosses the many North South roads through the valley including Highland Drive, 700 East, State Street and I15.

On the West Side of Town, the road takes a Southward bend as it climbs from the Jordan River area into Taylorsville.

Context: City Streets

4500 South Bridge (57 pictures) This gallery shows pictures of the replacement of the 4500 South Bridge.

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700 East (27 pictures) This gallery shows pictures of 700 East (which transforms into the Van Winkle Express Way shortly after crossing 4500 South.

State Street-Salt Lake City (250 pictures) 4500 South Crosses State Street in Murray.

Interstate 15 (87 pictures) 4500 South Crosses I15 and both the East and West Belt routes in the Salt Lake Valley.

Mount Olympus (136 pictures) 4500 South starts at the foot of Mount Olympus.

Holladay, Utah (174 pictures) 4500 South runs through the North Section of Holladay.

Murray, Utah (132 pictures) This gallery shows pictures of Murray in the Central Salt Lake Valley.


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