Stillman Ranch

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Mountain CabinsMountain Cabins (09/13/2008) A group of riders prepare for their ride at the Stillman Ranch.

Main EntranceMain Entrance (09/13/2008) Entrance to the main cabin at the Stillman Ranch.

Park City StablesPark City Stables (08/27/2008) The Park City Stables offer horseback riding on the Park City slopes during the summer. The same company offers rides at the Stillman Ranch in Weber Canyon. Note, there is a Wyoming Cowgirl heading into the stables. Interesting.

CorralCorral (08/27/2008) Horses at Park City Mountain Resort await summer riders.

Weber BasinWeber Basin (09/13/2008) A view of the upper Weber River Basin from the Stillman Ranch.

Smith and Morehouse CanyonSmith and Morehouse Canyon (09/13/2008) This picture from the Stillman Ranch shows the opening of Smith and Morehouse Canyon from the Weber River.

Stillman RanchStillman Ranch (09/13/2008) You can rent horses at the Stillman Ranch and take a ride along the Weber River.

CorralCorral (09/13/2008) Horses waiting riders at the Stillman Ranch.

Stillman RanchStillman Ranch (09/13/2008) The three hour ride leads to the top of this mountain on the Stillman Ranch.

Stillman TrailStillman Trail (09/13/2008) This road follows the Weber River on the Stillman Ranch.

SleighsSleighs (09/13/2008) Rocky Mountain Recreation offers sleigh rides on these contraptions in the winter.

Sleigh RidsSleigh Rids (09/13/2008) The sleighs wait for the upcoming winter.

AsterAster (09/13/2008) Flowers blooming in September at the Stillman Ranch.

Stillman RanchStillman Ranch (09/13/2008) The main road on the Stillman Ranch.

Hairy ThistleHairy Thistle (09/13/2008) Wind swept thistle going to seed.

Indian TobaccoIndian Tobacco (09/13/2008) Indian Tobacco leaves these dry red stands.

Golden EyesGolden Eyes (09/13/2008) Golden Eyes were in bloom during our mid summer visit to the Stillman Ranch.

Mountain MeadowMountain Meadow (09/13/2008) A meadow along the Weber River in the Uinta Mountains.

The One that Didn t Make ItThe One that Didn t Make It (09/13/2008) .

BurdockBurdock (09/13/2008) Burdock disperses its seeds through velcro like hooks that stick to the fur of passing animals.

BurdockBurdock (09/13/2008) Burdock, a type of thistle, has massive leaves and purple flowers that develop into sticky seeds.

Irrigation CanalIrrigation Canal (09/13/2008) This canal brings water to the meadow at the Stillman Ranch.

Uinta MeadowUinta Meadow (09/13/2008) A view of the folliage in the Weber Basin.

Stillman RanchStillman Ranch (09/13/2008) The Stillman Ranch is on the Weber River just below its confluence with Smith and Morehouse.

Private BridgePrivate Bridge (09/13/2008) A bridge on the trail in the Stillman Ranch.

Riparian ZoneRiparian Zone (09/13/2008) A view from the Stillman Ranch.

Weber River - SeptemberWeber River - September (09/13/2008) A view of the Weber River from the Stillman Ranch.

Weber RiverWeber River (09/13/2008) Looking down the Weber River at the Stillman Ranch.

Ranch BuildingsRanch Buildings (09/13/2008) The ranch buildings at the Stillman Ranch on the Weber River.

1-29 Pictures

Stillman Ranch

We have friends who are planning a horseback riding vacation in Utah; So, I decide to grab my camera and run out some of the equestrian opportunities in Utah.

This gallery shows pictures of the Stillman Ranch in the Weber River Canyon in the Uinta Mountains and riders at using the Park City Stables in Park City.

An outfitter called Rocky Mountain Recreation guides the activities at both locations. The tours cost about $50 an hour.

The Stillman Ranch is a beautiful spread at the mouth of Smith and Morehouse Canyon. The rides take place on the 9000 acre ranch. The shorter rides run along the river. Longer rides climb the North Ridge of the Weber River Canyon and provide grand views of the canyon.


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