Park City Mountain Resort

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Park City StagePark City Stage (08/27/2008) A view from City Park shows a park pavilion and buildings of Park City Mountain Resort.

Front Yard SkiingFront Yard Skiing (08/27/2008) The green yard in this picture is a ski slope leading into Park City.

Home Home on the SlopesHome Home on the Slopes (08/27/2008) This ultimate ski home sits on a ski slope running from Park City Resort into town.

Park City ResortPark City Resort (08/27/2008) A view of the main square in Park City Resort.

MountainsideMountainside (08/27/2008) A derrick reminds vacationers of the early mining history at Park City Resort.

StairwayStairway (08/27/2008) A stairway winds along the outside of Park City Resort.

Park City BuildingsPark City Buildings (08/27/2008) Buildings at Park City Resort.

National Ability Center.National Ability Center. (08/27/2008) The National Ability Center overs recreation programs for people overcoming disabilities.

Parking LotParking Lot (08/27/2008) Park City Mountain Resort Parking Lot.

Park City ResortPark City Resort (08/27/2008) The main pavilion at Park City Mountain Resort.

Summer Season in Park CitySummer Season in Park City (08/27/2008) The green hills of Park City offer a variety of summer activities.

Skating CenterSkating Center (08/27/2008) The Skating Center is transformed into an inflatable playground during the summer.

Park City in the SummerPark City in the Summer (08/27/2008) Park City Resort offers lush green fields during the summer months.

Park City ResortPark City Resort (08/27/2008) Park City Resort in the summer.

Park City StablesPark City Stables (08/27/2008) The Park City Stables offer horseback riding on the Park City slopes during the summer. The same company offers rides at the Stillman Ranch in Weber Canyon. Note, there is a Wyoming Cowgirl heading into the stables. Interesting.

Silver StreakSilver Streak (08/27/2008) The Silver Streak and Dynamite Express slides provide gravity fueled recreation during the summer.

Horses and SlidesHorses and Slides (08/27/2008) I suspect that the horses find the slide disconcerting. I guess one could do a green vacation where they ride to the top of the slide on a horse without having to consumer power for the lift ride.

Ski LiftSki Lift (08/27/2008) A ski lift at Park City Mountain Resort.

Horseback Riding LessonHorseback Riding Lesson (08/27/2008) A young lady prepares for a short riding excursion during the summer season at Park City Mountain Resort.

Alpine Coaster BridgeAlpine Coaster Bridge (08/27/2008) The bridge is part of a ride called the Alpine Coaster.

50 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-50

Park City Mountain Resort - Summer

This gallery shows pictures taken during a summer time visit to Park City Mountain Resort. We have friends who want to come out west for a horseback riding vacation; So, we were checking out riding opportunities. The rides run about $50 per hour of running. I don't have that kind of money; so I wandered around Park City with a camera while others rode.

Riding horses at a ski resort is interesting as there are numerous trails that wind through forests and across skill slopes which serve as artificial meadows giving a grand view.

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Park City, Utah (164 pictures) This gallery shows additional pictures of Park City.

Park Avenue (50 pictures) This gallery shows pictures leading into Park City.

The Wasatch Mountains (130 pictures) Park City Mountain Resort is in the Wasatch Mountains.

Stillman Ranch (29 pictures) Park City Stables also offers rides at the Stillman Ranch in Weber Canyon.


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