Convolvulaceae Family

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ConvolvulusConvolvulus (08/23/2008) This beautiful flower was growing in the lawn of the Eastwood Playground. I think it is in the Morning Glory family. Golly, I wish I had some growing in my lawn.

Binding to a FenceBinding to a Fence (07/23/2009) A beautiful Morning Glory binds to a fence along the trax line.

Bind WeedBind Weed (07/04/2009) The state capitol grounds suffer bindweed along with the rest of us.

1-3 Pictures

Convolvulaceae Family

Convolvulaceae is a family of flowing vines and shrubs commonly called the Morning Glory family. The flowers in the family tend to have fused petals in radially symmetric trumpet shaped flowers.

The most wildly known flower in the family is the Convolvulus. The Convolvulus is a perennial vine with deep hardy roots that can grow, and does, grow in most climates. Commonly known as bindweed, the Convolvulus is the bane of of gardners and farmers the world round.

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