Ericaceae Family

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Alpine WintergreenAlpine Wintergreen (07/02/2008) I believe this to be Alpine Wintergreen (Gaultheria, spp).

WintergreenWintergreen (07/02/2008) A dainty collection of flowers in Neff Creek canyon.

WintergreenWintergreen (07/02/2008) A single alpine wintergreen growing on disturbed soil in Neff Canyon.

WintergreenWintergreen (07/02/2008) Alpine Wintergreen.

Heath?Heath? (07/14/2010) Heath in Killyon Canyon.

1-5 Pictures

Ericaceae Family

This gallery shows pictures from the Heath family of flowering plants. This family includes cranberry, blueberry, heath, heather, huckleberry, azalea, wintergreen and rhododendron.

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