Blodgett Canyon

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Canyon WallsCanyon Walls (10/25/2007) Blodgett Canyon is a U shaped canyon with steep granite walls.

Blodgett CanyonBlodgett Canyon (10/25/2007) Distant cliffs in Blodgett Canyon.

SpireSpire (10/25/2007) A section of wall in Blodgett Canyon.

Towering WallsTowering Walls (10/25/2007) A rock face in Blodgett Canyon.

Blodgett CanyonBlodgett Canyon (10/25/2007) Blodgett Canyon is a popular destination for Montana Climbers.

Distant CliffsDistant Cliffs (10/25/2007) Cliffs line the lower part of the canyon.

Through the BurnThrough the Burn (10/25/2007) The recent fire exposed views of the canyon walls.

Evolution in ActionEvolution in Action (10/25/2007) The fire scorched the bark of this ponderosa but did not kill it. So, it will be the tall tree in the forest, assuming the people walking along the trail don't kill it.

Blodgett CanyonBlodgett Canyon (10/25/2007) .

Blodgett CanyonBlodgett Canyon (10/25/2007) A burned shoulder of Blodgett Canyon.

Rough TrailRough Trail (10/25/2007) The trail is rough and eroded.

Blodgett CanyonBlodgett Canyon (10/25/2007) .

I had to turn aroundI had to turn around (10/25/2007) I only had an hour in the canyon and had to turn around.

Rugged MountainsRugged Mountains (10/25/2007) The rugged cliffs of Blodgett Canyon.

I Am Not a DeerI Am Not a Deer (10/25/2007) Some Yahoo was shooting at the base of the canyon, so a worried dog owner put a bandana on the dog to announce to the world `I am not a deer!!!`

Blodgett Canyon TrailBlodgett Canyon Trail (10/25/2007) Heading back down the trail after a very short walk.

Blodgett CanyonBlodgett Canyon (10/25/2007) Blodgett Canyon is a glacier carved canyon outside Hamilton Montana.

Lower Section of TrailLower Section of Trail (10/25/2007) The lower section of trail is wide and well maintained.

Blodgett Canyon WoodsBlodgett Canyon Woods (10/25/2007) This lower section appears to have once been a road.

Parking LotParking Lot (10/25/2007) Parking lot and facilities at Blodgett canyon.

41 Pictures: 0-20 , 21-40 , 40-41

Blodgett Canyon

This gallery shows pictures from a short walk in Blodgett Canyon. Blodgett Canyon is in the Bitterroot Mountains just West of Hamilton, Montana.

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