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The FrontRunnerThe FrontRunner (04/30/2008) The FrontRunner is a new double decker commuter rail that serves Salt Lake City and Ogden.

Lundquist FieldLundquist Field (04/30/2008) The Lundquist Field is a baseball arena near the Ogden Intermodal Hub.

Ogden Intermodal HubOgden Intermodal Hub (04/30/2008) The intermodal hub in downtown ogden.

Preparing to DepartPreparing to Depart (04/30/2008) The FrontRunner train prepares to depart from Salt Lake City.

CondosCondos (04/30/2008) Viewed from FrontRunner, this is a new condo development West of the Gateway.

RefineryRefinery (04/30/2008) The train provides views of the Refineries north of Salt Lake.

Bridge WorkBridge Work (04/30/2008) Workers do some finishing work on the Bangerter Highway.

Bridge WorkBridge Work (04/30/2008) A close up of the bridge work.

Unfortunately, pretty much all of the pictures I took from the train have reflections from the window as you see in the upper left corner of this shot.

Ogden StationOgden Station (04/30/2008) Departing at the Ogden Station.

Union StationUnion Station (04/30/2008) I am standing on the Front Runner loading area looking South toward the historic Union Station.

Train 104Train 104 (04/30/2008) The new FrontRunner Trains were put into service on April 26, 2008.

Art BenchArt Bench (04/30/2008) The train station includes a selection of inspired benches.

Money Eating MachineMoney Eating Machine (04/30/2008) Starting May 1st, passengers will need to visit this kiosk before loading aboard the FrontRunner.

To Points NorthTo Points North (04/30/2008) The FrontRunner will continue to Brigham City.

Ogden Train DepotOgden Train Depot (04/30/2008) The Ogden FrontRunner Train Depot stretches to the South.

Railroad EquipmentRailroad Equipment (04/30/2008) There's been major advances in railroad construction techniques in recent decades.

Ogden TempleOgden Temple (04/30/2008) The Ogden LDS Temple viewed from the FrontRunner Platform.

Commuter Rail MachineCommuter Rail Machine (04/30/2008) Now that we have a machine for building a commuter rail, I expect that the area serviced by the train will expand rapidly. I would love to have commuter rail to Boise.

Ogden StopOgden Stop (04/30/2008) The Ogden stop on the FrontRunner train.

Kayak BenchKayak Bench (04/30/2008) This clever construction of a bench has a kayaking theme.

45 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-45


The first run of the UTA FrontRunner train took place on April 26, 2008. UTA offered free rides from April 26-30. I took this set of pictures on April 30.

This double decker train provides service from Salt Lake City to Ogden.

My original intent was to stop at each of the stations along the route. As the train was standing room only, I only took pictures at the two ends of the route.

Context: Railroads

UTA Trax (156 pictures) This gallery shows pictures from the UTA Trax Lightrail that runs from Salt Lake City to Sandy.

Salt Lake West Side (43 pictures) The frontrunner is on the Westside of Salt Lake.

Ogden, Utah (176 pictures) During the trip, I added a dozen or so photos of Ogden.

Union Station - Ogden (36 pictures) The Intermodal Hub in Ogden is near the historic Union Station in Ogden.


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