Agavaceae Family

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YuccaYucca (07/02/2008) A spike from a Yucca plant in a xeriscaped garden.

Century PlantCentury Plant (04/26/2008) One must be a true optimist to plant a century plant.

Century Plant and RocksCentury Plant and Rocks (04/26/2008) This combination of century plant and sandstone rock standing on end provides an interesting rock garden display.

YuccaYucca (07/04/2009) There were several yucca plants growing on the hillside between Memory Grove and the State Capitol.

1-4 Pictures

Agavaceae Family

This gallery shows pictures of plants from the Agave Family. The Agave family includes about 600 species in 18 genera. The plants in this family tend to have spiked succulant leaves growing in a rosette and do well in desert and subtropical regions.

Notable members of the family are the agave, yucca, and Joshua tree.


Context: Flowers

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