2008 Rock Garden Show

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Examing the GardenExaming the Garden (04/26/2008) Members of the Wasatch Rock Garden Society enjoy creating landscapes.

View of the PondView of the Pond (04/26/2008) This is a full view of the pond with a patio and rock garden.

Going to SeedGoing to Seed (04/26/2008) .

FlowerFlower (04/26/2008) .

Cactus in ActionCactus in Action (04/26/2008) A cactus growing in a Salt Lake Rock Garden.

Rock Garden DisplayRock Garden Display (04/26/2008) A front yard rock garden in the Salt Lake Valley.

Matching TextureMatching Texture (04/26/2008) This wonderful section of garden matches the texture of rock to desert floral.

Flowering CactusFlowering Cactus (04/26/2008) A flowering cactus in a Salt Lake Rock Garden.

Rock GardenRock Garden (04/26/2008) This rock garden shows the best of the desert.

Ice PlantIce Plant (04/26/2008) .

Century Plant and RocksCentury Plant and Rocks (04/26/2008) This combination of century plant and sandstone rock standing on end provides an interesting rock garden display.

CactusCactus (04/26/2008) .

Flowering CactusFlowering Cactus (04/26/2008) .

Stone PlantStone Plant (04/26/2008) I understand that these flowers bloom at night.

Budding CactusBudding Cactus (04/26/2008) .

CactusCactus (04/26/2008) .

FlowersFlowers (04/26/2008) .

Cactus PatternCactus Pattern (04/26/2008) The spikes on this crop of cactus have an interesting texture.

CactusCactus (04/26/2008) .

Desert Rock GardenDesert Rock Garden (04/26/2008) .

62 Pictures: 0-20 , 20-40 , 41-60 , 60-62

2008 Rock Garden Show

I crashed the 2008 Spring show of the Wasatch Rock Garden Society in Salt Lake City and put together this short show.

In my opinion, the rock garden is one of the highest form of the botanical arts. Masters of the art carefully reconstruct some of nature's most fragile ecosystems to grow plants from high alpine ridges and desert outcroppings.

The annual rock garden tour visits the gardens of the state's prize rock gardens. This year's tour was challenged a bit by the unseasonably cold Spring weather.

NOTE, after the tour, I visited Growing Empire Nursury owned by Ruth MacAngus.


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