2008 Rock Garden Show

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White FlowerWhite Flower (04/26/2008) White flower.

Rock GardenRock Garden (04/26/2008) You can find a variety of species in this rock garden by a master gardener.

BitterrootBitterroot (04/26/2008) Bitterroot preparing to bloom.

Rock GardenRock Garden (04/26/2008) The spring show is a bit early to capture cactus in full bloom.

Purple FlowersPurple Flowers (04/26/2008) .

DrabaDraba (04/26/2008) .

Future GardenFuture Garden (04/26/2008) How's this for a nightmare. The Salt Lake county decided to install a sidewalk and gave this gardener five days notice to move the garden.

Little Blue FlowersLittle Blue Flowers (04/26/2008) .

Ice PlantIce Plant (04/26/2008) Ice Plants can provide a splash of color to rock gardens.

Century PlantCentury Plant (04/26/2008) One must be a true optimist to plant a century plant.

RockRock (04/26/2008) This garden has hens and chicks growing from the side of the rock.

Pensive VasePensive Vase (04/26/2008) This delightful vase has hens and chicks growing from a bust.

Rock Garden WallRock Garden Wall (04/26/2008) Rocks piled into a wall.

Rocks and PondRocks and Pond (04/26/2008) This rock garden lines a small backyard pond.

Pond WallPond Wall (04/26/2008) A rock garden makes a beautiful backdrop for a pond.

Ice PlantIce Plant (04/26/2008) Bright yellow ice plants nestled between rocks.

Handmade PlantersHandmade Planters (04/26/2008) A variety of planters made from cement and other materials.

FlowersFlowers (04/26/2008) .

Cactus GardenCactus Garden (04/26/2008) Cactus do well in stone planters.

Rock Garden DisplayRock Garden Display (04/26/2008) I like the way that this planter mimics the natural layering of rock.

62 Pictures: 0-20 , 21-40 , 40-60 , 60-62

2008 Rock Garden Show

I crashed the 2008 Spring show of the Wasatch Rock Garden Society in Salt Lake City and put together this short show.

In my opinion, the rock garden is one of the highest form of the botanical arts. Masters of the art carefully reconstruct some of nature's most fragile ecosystems to grow plants from high alpine ridges and desert outcroppings.

The annual rock garden tour visits the gardens of the state's prize rock gardens. This year's tour was challenged a bit by the unseasonably cold Spring weather.

NOTE, after the tour, I visited Growing Empire Nursury owned by Ruth MacAngus.


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