2008 Rock Garden Show

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Pelican VasePelican Vase (04/26/2008) This wonderful Pelican displays a bundle of Hen and Chicks.

Rocks RuleRocks Rule (04/26/2008) Rock Gardening is all about the Rocks.

Rock Garden ContainersRock Garden Containers (04/26/2008) A sampling of rock garden containers.

Garden WallGarden Wall (04/26/2008) Staggard rock walls make an ideal setting for rock gardens.

Astragalus utahensisAstragalus utahensis (04/26/2008) Astragalus utahensis (aka Lady Slippers or Loco Weed) is Utah native plant and is a member of the pea family.

Indian PaintbrushIndian Paintbrush (04/26/2008) Indian Paintbrush, a semi-parasitic plant, is one of the most difficult plants to grow in a garden.

Pepper like flowerPepper like flower (04/26/2008) Interesting plant with hanging flowers

Tools of the TradeTools of the Trade (04/26/2008) A collection of planting tubes.

Miniature GardenMiniature Garden (04/26/2008) This homemade cement container houses a magical rock garden.

Garden WallGarden Wall (04/26/2008) This interestingly designed garden wall has two walls held apart by a 4x4. Garden plants grow from wholes on the side of the outer wall.

Garden DesignGarden Design (04/26/2008) Designed to look simply like a gash in the lawn, this delightful garden includes hundreds of species including indian paintbrush and astragula.

Phlox hoodii ??Phlox hoodii ?? (04/26/2008) This container of phlox was one of the stars of the show.

Hen and ChicksHen and Chicks (04/26/2008) Hen and Chicks bundle in the cracks of white rocks.

Living StoneLiving Stone (04/26/2008) Living Stones are a plant from Southern Africa.

Living StoneLiving Stone (04/26/2008) A young living stone.

Exotic PlantExotic Plant (04/26/2008) An exotic plant growing in a Salt Lake greenhouse.

Green HouseGreen House (04/26/2008) This greenhouse contains desert species that find Utah a bit too cold.

Emerging from the cracksEmerging from the cracks (04/26/2008) The rock garden society is a club that takes joy in things that grow in the cracks of pavement.

Miniature Rock GardensMiniature Rock Gardens (04/26/2008) A line of cement pots contain carefully nurtured rock gardens.

Rock GardenRock Garden (04/26/2008) Rock gardens allow for artistry in both the placement of stone and plant.

62 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-62

2008 Rock Garden Show

I crashed the 2008 Spring show of the Wasatch Rock Garden Society in Salt Lake City and put together this short show.

In my opinion, the rock garden is one of the highest form of the botanical arts. Masters of the art carefully reconstruct some of nature's most fragile ecosystems to grow plants from high alpine ridges and desert outcroppings.

The annual rock garden tour visits the gardens of the state's prize rock gardens. This year's tour was challenged a bit by the unseasonably cold Spring weather.

NOTE, after the tour, I visited Growing Empire Nursury owned by Ruth MacAngus.


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