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Through the WindowThrough the Window (04/24/2008) Looking through the window on a snowy April day.

Students at WorkStudents at Work (04/24/2008) Students in the main hallway of the Olpin Student Union.

Grand BallroomGrand Ballroom (04/24/2008) Students gather in the Grand Ballroom for the 2008 High School Model U.N.

Main HallwayMain Hallway (04/24/2008) The main ballroom is an open area off the main hallway on the second floor of the student union.

Main Hall WayMain Hall Way (04/24/2008) This is a second view of the main hallway of the Student Union. The previous picture was from the stairs at the end of the hallway.

Flip SideFlip Side (04/24/2008) I took a second picture of the mail hallway in portrait mode.

Olpin Student UnionOlpin Student Union (04/24/2008) Looking toward the Main Entrance of the Olpin Student Union Building.

Cat WalkCat Walk (04/24/2008) The catwalk in the Olpin Union Ball Room

Security CouncilSecurity Council (04/24/2008) The Model UN Security Council met in Parlor A.

Main BallroomMain Ballroom (04/24/2008) A view of the main hallway with relatively few people in it.

Olpin Main Ball RoomOlpin Main Ball Room (04/24/2008) A view of the main ball room.

Row of ChairsRow of Chairs (04/24/2008) Chairs in the main ball room of the Olpin Union Building.

Side HallwaySide Hallway (04/24/2008) The side hallway leads to the Union Theatre.

Union ServicesUnion Services (04/24/2008) The Union Services is a primary information desk for the University of Utah.

Union TheatreUnion Theatre (04/24/2008) The ECOSOC group met in the Union Theatre.

Side HallwaySide Hallway (04/24/2008) This side hall way usually is lined with tables for students. It is currently under construction.

Baby It s Cold OutsideBaby It s Cold Outside (04/24/2008) It was snowing on April 24th. The snow was heavy but melted rapidly.

View from OlpinView from Olpin (04/24/2008) .

Campus ShuttleCampus Shuttle (04/24/2008) The Campus Shuttle Buses stop for a break at the Olpin Student Union.

Orson Spencer HallOrson Spencer Hall (04/24/2008) This the walkway on the Northeast side of Orson Spencer Hall (OSH).

1-20 Pictures

A. Ray Olpin Student Union

This gallery shows pictures of the A. Ray Olpin Student Union on the University of Utah campus.

The Student Union is in the heart of the University of Utah Campus and is the venue for many cultural and educational events. I took these pictures during the 2008 Utah High School Model UN. Which is why the pictures are full of high school students and really only show rooms used by the Model UN.

The student union was built in 1957. A well used building, the Student Union has gone through a number of renovations and extensions through the years. The student union recently celebrated its 50th reunion.

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