Holladay, Utah

Holladay, Utah

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Holladay ConstructionHolladay Construction (08/01/2013) Holladay Utah will soon sport a new downtown.

Olympus ConstructionOlympus Construction (08/25/2013) Olympus High School is being rebuilt. This picture shows a structure on the south end of the school framed by Mount Olympus.

Holladay HouseHolladay House (08/25/2013) This house East of Olympus High School has an intriguing layering of gables.

Mercury and SolarMercury and Solar (08/25/2013) A sign at the intersection of Mercury and Solar;

Comet Circle and SolarComet Circle and Solar (08/25/2013) I like the name of the intersection so much that I had to take a second shot of the street sign.

Morning Star and SolarMorning Star and Solar (08/25/2013) The sign for solar drive is having a tough time standing against the high desert sun.

Stone EntranceStone Entrance (08/25/2013) This house in the Olympus High neighborhood of Holladay has an intriguing stone facade.

Stately ManorStately Manor (08/25/2013) This stately manor is a block East of Olympus High. They could probably watch the games from the balcony.

Holladay McDonald sHolladay McDonald s (11/05/2013) I had an Egg McMuffin then proceeded to take a picture of this McDonald's at 1877 Murray Holladay Road.

State Liquor StoreState Liquor Store (11/05/2013) The new Utah State Liquor Store in Holladay.

Techna GlassTechna Glass (11/05/2013) I messed up the exposure on this image, but I liked the way the picture turned out. This intriguing facade belongs to Techna Glass at 1851 E Murray Holladay Road.

Rancherito sRancherito s (11/05/2013) Rancherito's offers fast Mexican food at 4735 South Highland Drive in Holladay.

Sunrise Senior LivingSunrise Senior Living (11/05/2013) I snapped this picture as this bus drove by as I thought the light on the doors interesting. It has the feel of waking up early for a bus ride.

Holladay Liquor StoreHolladay Liquor Store (11/05/2013) The Holladay Liquor Store is on the corner of Highland Drive and the Murray Holladay Road. I am pleased that the state started spending some money on the architecture. Sadly, this picture is backlit and misses details of the store.

Firestone - Highland DriveFirestone - Highland Drive (02/13/2014) This picture shows the Firestone Service Center at 4031 S Highland Drive in Holladay.

The AbbingtonThe Abbington (07/01/2016) The Abbington will offer senior housing in Holladay, Utah.

Abbington - HolladayAbbington - Holladay (07/01/2016) The Abbington framed by Mt Olympus from the intersection of 2700 East and 3900 South in Holladay, Utah.

Park East LoftsPark East Lofts (12/17/2016) Park East Lofts is a new condo project going up just East of the main park in Holladay.

Mount Olympus Presbyterian ChurchMount Olympus Presbyterian Church (12/25/2016) We had a foot of snow on Christmas Morning; So, I took a walk to photograph interesting looking trees. This is an interesting tree in front of Mt Olympus Presbyterian Church in Holladay, Utah.

Top It Frozen YogurtTop It Frozen Yogurt (10/15/2017) Top It Frozen Yogurt moved to a new location next to the Ace Hardware in Holladay. I am not sure if this move is permanent as the sign appears temporary.

177 Pictures: 0-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-100 , 100-120 , 120-140 , 141-160 , 160-177

Holladay, Utah

Holladay, Utah is a suburban community in the Salt Lake Valley. The map shows Holladay stretching from 3900 South to about 6400 South, and from 1300 East to the edge of the Wasatch Mountains.

It appears that the town has extremely ambitious plans for the future. Recently, they tore down Cottonwood Mall and the section of buildings on the corner of 2300 East and Murray Holladay Boulevard.

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