Holladay, Utah

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The New HolladayThe New Holladay (10/17/2017) An autumn view of the new Holladay framed by Mount Olympus.

Holladay ConstructionHolladay Construction (10/16/2017) Mount Olympus rises over the new construction in Holladay.

Olympus Family MedicineOlympus Family Medicine (10/17/2017) Olympus Family Medicine has a handsome building in Holladay.

Holladay MedicalHolladay Medical (10/16/2017) The Holladay Medical Building is dwarfed by the new construction taking place in town.

Holladay Clock TowerHolladay Clock Tower (10/16/2017) The Holladay Clock Tower houses a taqueria and marks the center of the newly constructed town town.

Holladay SproutsHolladay Sprouts (10/12/2017) The Sprouts in Holladay with Mount Olympus in the Background.

Holladay Ace HardwareHolladay Ace Hardware (10/15/2017) This building used to house a grocery store called `The Store.` It became an Ace Hardware Store. Harmons is building a huge store down the street. (Note you can buy online and pick up at your local Ace).

Holladay Ace HardwareHolladay Ace Hardware (10/15/2017) This picture shows the Great Harvest Store and Ace Hardware in Holladay, Utah. I bought a huge cookie at Great Harvest shortly after this picture. (Note, you can buy online at Ace and pick up in store.)

New Construction in HolidayNew Construction in Holiday (02/27/2014) New Construction across from St Marks Hospital in Holladay.

Construction on 3900 SouthConstruction on 3900 South (02/27/2014) A new office complex rises on 3900 South near St Marks Hospital.

1548 East 4500 South, Holladay1548 East 4500 South, Holladay (00/00/0000) This office complex at 1548 East 4500 South features several private practices.

School ReconstructedSchool Reconstructed (08/25/2013) A view of the new Olympus High School on 2300 South in Salt Lake City.

Main EntranceMain Entrance (08/25/2013) The Main Entrance of Olympus High School faces 2300 East in Hollday.

Downtown HolladayDowntown Holladay (08/01/2013) The new construction in downtown Holladay.

Holladay DowntownHolladay Downtown (08/01/2013) A new building in the heart of Holladay, Utah.

Installing the RoofInstalling the Roof (08/01/2013) A worker installs the roof on the central tower in Holladay.

Sharoon s CafeSharoon s Cafe (08/01/2013) A bird flies over Sharon's Cafe at 2263 Murray-Holladay Road, Holladay, Utah.

Holladay Fire HouseHolladay Fire House (04/05/2013) Not to be outdone by Mill Creek, the town of Holladay is building a new fire mansion on Murray Holladay Boulevard.

Holladay ApartmentsHolladay Apartments (04/05/2013) An apartment building adjacent to the new fire station in Holladay.

Holladay LibraryHolladay Library (04/05/2013) The Holladay Public Library viewed from Olympus Junior High School.

155 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-100 , 100-120 , 120-140 , 140-155

Holladay, Utah

Holladay, Utah is a suburban community in the Salt Lake Valley. The map shows Holladay stretching from 3900 South to about 6400 South, and from 1300 East to the edge of the Wasatch Mountains.

It appears that the town has extremely ambitious plans for the future. Recently, they tore down Cottonwood Mall and the section of buildings on the corner of 2300 East and Murray Holladay Boulevard.

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Murray, Utah (121 pictures) Murray City is just west of Holladay.

Black Diamond Campus (18 pictures) This gallery shows pictures of the Black Diamond complex on 3900 South.

Millcreek Township (75 pictures) Millcreek Township is North of Holladay.

Olympus Junior High (22 pictures) This gallery shows pictures in the area surrounding Olympus Junior High School.

Big Cottonwood Park (29 pictures) Big Cottonwood Park is a large open space in the heart of Holladay stretching from Murray Holladay Boulevard to 4500 South

Olympus High School (34 pictures) Olympus High School is on the corner of 2300 East 3900 South.

Fort Union (24 pictures) Fort Union is South of Holladay.

Wasatch Boulevard (71 pictures) This gallery shows pictures from Wasatch Boulevard.

Interstate 15 (87 pictures) The I215 Belt Loop wraps around Holladay, Utah.

Highland Drive (57 pictures) Highland Drive runs through the city of Holladay.

Olympus Cove (36 pictures) The Olympus Cove is North East of Holladay, Utah.

4500 South (37 pictures) Pictures of 4500 South.


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