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Mount Olympus Presbyterian ChurchMount Olympus Presbyterian Church (12/25/2016) We had a foot of snow on Christmas Morning; So, I took a walk to photograph interesting looking trees. This is an interesting tree in front of Mt Olympus Presbyterian Church in Holladay, Utah.

New Construction in HolidayNew Construction in Holiday (02/27/2014) New Construction across from St Marks Hospital in Holladay.

Construction on 3900 SouthConstruction on 3900 South (02/27/2014) A new office complex rises on 3900 South near St Marks Hospital.

3900 South Construction3900 South Construction (02/27/2014) A new building rises at 2000 E 3900 S in Salt Lake.

3900 South 2000 East3900 South 2000 East (02/27/2014) This new building is rising on the corner of 2000 East 3900 South. My guess is that it will be a church.

Main EntranceMain Entrance (08/25/2013) The Main Entrance of Olympus High School faces 2300 East in Hollday.

Performing ArtsPerforming Arts (08/25/2013) This is the northern wing of the new Olympus High School viewed from the corner of 3900 South 2300 East.

Olympus FramedOlympus Framed (08/25/2013) Olympus High School viewed from 3900 South with Mount Olympus peering over the corner of the building on the left.

Mount OlympusMount Olympus (08/25/2013) Olympus High School is named for Mount Olympus; So, I would be remiss in my duties if I failed to include an image of this grand escarpment looking over the North wing of the school.

3900 South3900 South (08/25/2013) I ran out into the middle of 3900 South at about 2350 East as the road heads toward the Wasatch Mountains.

Two Dancing CatsTwo Dancing Cats (03/18/2008) Two Dancing Cats occupied this space on 3900 South before the move the Sugarhouse.

Salt Lake BusinessSalt Lake Business (03/18/2008) A business near corner of 3900 South and Highland Drive.

Black DiamondBlack Diamond (03/01/2013) The Black Diamond Complex in Holladay framed by Mount Olympus.

Black DiamondBlack Diamond (03/01/2013) The Black Diamond Facility on 3900 South in Holladay.

Salt Lake ChurchSalt Lake Church (03/01/2013) Our Saviour's Lutheran Church framed by Mount Olympus.

Into South Salt LakeInto South Salt Lake (12/16/2008) This picture shows 3900 South from the Trax Station with the mouth of Millcreek Canyon highlighted in the distance.

3900 South3900 South (12/16/2008) This picture shows 3900 South from the top of the Jordan Parkway Pedestrian Bridge.

SLCC MeadowbrookSLCC Meadowbrook (12/16/2008) The SLCC Meadowbook Campus (next to Trax on 3900 South) offers classes in Diesel Mechanics, truck driving and HVAC.

3900 South3900 South (12/16/2008) A view of 3900 South from the bridge over I15.

Bike WayBike Way (12/16/2008) There is an ample bike/pedestrian walkway that crosses the freeway and train tracks at 3900 South.

69 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-69

3900 South - Salt Lake City, Utah

3900 South is one of the primary East West roads in the Salt Lake Valley. Going East to Weat, the road starts as neighborhood streets in the Olympus Cove. It crosses Wasatch Drive at the Olympus Hills Shopping Center.

The road ducks under the I215 Freeway and takes a steady descent into the valley. There is a steep hill just before Highland Drive as the road moves from the benches into Salt Lake City proper.

3900 South has a number of major intersections with 1300 East, 700 East, State Street and Main. It takes a bumpy ride over the new trax lines then climbs a small hill to take a more stately ride across 300 West, the main railroad tracks and I15.

The road takes a small dip to cross the Jordan River then rises again on its westward voyage through West Valley City and onward to the Oquirrh Mountains.

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Context: City Streets

Mount Olympus (136 pictures) 3900 South starts in the shadows of Mount Olympus.

Olympus Cove (37 pictures) This gallery shows pictures from the Mount Olympus Cove area.

Wasatch Boulevard (71 pictures) 3900 South proper starts at its intersection with Wasatch Drive.

Holladay, Utah (174 pictures) This gallery shows picture of Holladay, Utah.

Millcreek Township (81 pictures) Pictures of Millcreek Township.

Black Diamond Campus (18 pictures) The Black Diamond Campus was a quaint shopping villaged transformed into a manufacturing facility.

Highland Drive (61 pictures) 3900 South Crosses Highland Drive as it crosses the lowest bench and heads into the flatlands of the Salt Lake Valley.

State Street-Salt Lake City (255 pictures) Pictures from State Street.

UTA Trax (156 pictures) The Meadowbrook Trax Station is just off 3900 South.

Jordan River Parkway (104 pictures) 3900 South crosses Utah's Jordan River.

West Valley City (24 pictures) 3900 South is a major road through West Valley City.

Olympus High School (34 pictures) Olympus High School is on the corner of 3900 South and 2300 East.


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