Echo Reservoir

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Echo Dam RoadEcho Dam Road (02/11/2008) The Dam Road runs on the East side of Echo Reservoir.

Echo DamEcho Dam (02/11/2008) The echo dam in winter

Echo ReservoirEcho Reservoir (02/11/2008) Several Utahns take a walk on the waters of the Echo Reservoir.

Ice FishingIce Fishing (02/11/2008) A group enjoys ice fishing on Echo Reservoir in Northern Utah.

East ShoreEast Shore (02/11/2008) This picture shows the East Shore of Echo Reservoir.

Dam RoadDam Road (02/11/2008) An access road runs along the East Shores of Echo Reservoir.

ForagingForaging (02/11/2008) Echo Reservoir is a popular location for winter foraging.

Echo ReservoirEcho Reservoir (02/11/2008) A view of Echo Reservoir in Northern UTah.

Echo ReservoirEcho Reservoir (02/11/2008) Echo Reservoir freezes up in the winter.

Ice FishermenIce Fishermen (02/11/2008) Friendly ice fishers point out the wildlife around the lake.

Echo ReservoirEcho Reservoir (02/11/2008) This picture is looking toward the earthen dam on Echo Reservoir.

Best WesternBest Western (02/11/2008) It looks like the Best Western at the I80 interchange in Coalville is the best bet for lodging in the Echo Reservoir/Coalville area. Click picture to make reservation

I80 CoalvilleI80 Coalville (02/11/2008) I80 passes a bright red expanse of sandstone near echo junction.

DeerDeer (02/11/2008) Deer on a nob near Echo Reservoir.

Historic Rail TrailHistoric Rail Trail (02/11/2008) The right of way between Echo Junction and Park City was turned into a bike trail.

Rail Trail at I80Rail Trail at I80 (02/11/2008) The Union Pacific Rail Trail crosses Interstate 80 at Echo Junction.

Rail Trail CrossingRail Trail Crossing (02/11/2008) The Rail Trail crosses the Echo Dam Road.

Echo DamEcho Dam (02/11/2008) This picture shows the snow covered dam on the Echo Reservoir.

I80I80 (02/11/2008) I80 passes a cool section of mud rock at Echo Junction.

Echo JunctionEcho Junction (02/11/2008) A Union Pacific trail is dwarfed by an outcropping of sandstone rock at Echo Junction.

54 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-54

Echo, Utah

This gallery shows pictures of Echo Reservoir and Echo Junction in Northeastern Utah. The reservoir is in Summit County just downstream from Coalville, Utah.

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Coalville, Utah (57 pictures) This gallery shows pictures of Coalville, Utah which is at the inlet of Echo Reservoir.

Interstate 80 (98 pictures) The i80 gallery shows pictures from along Interstate 80.

Rail Trail (49 pictures) The Historic Railtrail runs along the Eastern shore of Echo Reservoir.

Interstate 84 (56 pictures) I84 splits from I80 at Echo Junction then runs through Ogden and points north.

Weber River (91 pictures) The Weber River flows into Echo Reservoir.

Park City, Utah (164 pictures) Park City is a mountain resort in Summit County.

Rockport Lake (27 pictures) Rockport Reservoir is upstream from Echo.


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