Hamilton River Park

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River Park BearRiver Park Bear (10/25/2007) This carved bear was created from a tree stump in River Park.

Petrified BearPetrified Bear (10/25/2007) A bear statue leans into a tree at River Park in Hamilton Montana.

playgroundplayground (10/25/2007) A playground at the parking lot to the Hamilton River Park.

Welcome SignWelcome Sign (10/25/2007) A sign welcomes visitors to the start of the River Park Trail.

Chainsaw StatuesChainsaw Statues (10/25/2007) Tree stumps in the park were transformed into delightful statues of wild animals.

Kiwanis ParkKiwanis Park (10/25/2007) The Kiwanis Park in Hamilton has a playground and picnic tables.

Hamilton HomeHamilton Home (10/25/2007) A beautiful Hamilton Home near the entrance to the Kiwanis River Park.

Deveoloped TrailDeveoloped Trail (10/25/2007) The River Park sports a network of developed trails with plenty of picnic tables and facilities for visitors.

GazeboGazebo (10/25/2007) A gazebo in the park provides a fun place for events.

River Park TrailRiver Park Trail (10/25/2007) This trail follows the Bitterroot River.

Scout BridgeScout Bridge (10/25/2007) This bridge in River Park was a Eagle Scout project.

The Bitter RiverThe Bitter River (10/25/2007) The Bitterroot River flows through River Park in Hamilton Montana.

Shivery ColdShivery Cold (10/25/2007) Coco gets shivery cold on a Fall Day in Montana's Bitterroot River.

Fetching DogFetching Dog (10/25/2007) Coco fetches a stick in the shivery cold waters of the Bitterroot.

Hamilton HouseHamilton House (10/25/2007) A house in Hamilton Montana adjacent to the River Park.

Eagle Scout BridgeEagle Scout Bridge (10/25/2007) As I recall, this bridge was built as part of an eagle scout project.

River Park TrailRiver Park Trail (10/25/2007) A section of the River Park trail in Hamilton, Montana.

Stacking Up the Bio FuelsStacking Up the Bio Fuels (10/25/2007) A house in Hamilton has a full pile of wood ready for the long cold winter.

River Park TrailRiver Park Trail (10/25/2007) The River Park Trail follows the Bitterroot River in Hamilton, Montana.

Bitterroot RiverBitterroot River (10/25/2007) Looking North along the Bitterroot River toward Blodgett Canyon.

River Park BearRiver Park Bear (10/25/2007) A carved stump bear welcomes hikers to River Park in Hamilton.

1-21 Pictures

Hamilton River Park

This gallery shows images of the River Park in Hamilton, Montana.


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