Fire Stations

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Holladay Fire HouseHolladay Fire House (04/05/2013) Not to be outdone by Mill Creek, the town of Holladay is building a new fire mansion on Murray Holladay Boulevard.

Fire House ConstructionFire House Construction (04/05/2013) Construction of a new fire station in Holladay, Utah.

Mill Creek Station 106Mill Creek Station 106 (03/29/2013) The new fire station at 1911 East 3300 South, SLC, Utah.

North Summit Fire DistricfNorth Summit Fire Districf (02/11/2008) The North Summit Fire Station is on Center Street in Coalville, Utah.

Smashed PhoneSmashed Phone (02/27/2013) I found a smashed smart phone in a gutter. Losing a smartphone must have been heartbreaking. I put the corpse of the phone on this fire hydrant.

North Summit Fire DistrictNorth Summit Fire District (02/11/2008) A corner view of the North Summit Fire Station.

Wanship Fire StationWanship Fire Station (06/20/2006) The Wanship Fire Station in the North Summit Fire District.

Salt Lake Fire Station #4Salt Lake Fire Station #4 (11/25/2008) The flag at the Salt Lake Fire Station was at half mast in response to the attacks in Mumbai.

Victor Fire DepartmentVictor Fire Department (10/25/2007) The Victor Volunteer Fire Department stands at the ready in Western Montana.

Fire TruckFire Truck (06/12/2008) The Saint George Fire Truck was visiting Park City.

Fire Station Number 4Fire Station Number 4 (02/27/2013) This is the current Holladay Fire Station. I understand there is a move to build a new one.

Station 106Station 106 (03/29/2013) Mill Creek Fire Station at 1911 East 3300 South.

Fire MansionFire Mansion (04/05/2013) The new firestation will have a four story high lookout tower.

Fire HydrantFire Hydrant (09/09/2009) A root from the tree in the top right extends about 20 feet to a fire hydrant. I guess tree roots extend to the closest water source.

Park City Fire DepartmentPark City Fire Department (06/12/2008) The Park City Fire Station is on Park Avenue leading into downtown.

Station 13Station 13 (09/15/2013) Sation 13 of the Salt Lake Fire Department is located on Parleys Way.

Station 13Station 13 (09/15/2013) Fire Stations are designed to accommodate large fire trucks. A crew was backing in a truck at station 13.

Cottonwood Heights Fire StationCottonwood Heights Fire Station (12/25/2013) The Cottonwood Heights Fire Station is located at 8303 Wasatch Boulevard.

Cottonwood Heights Fire StationsCottonwood Heights Fire Stations (12/25/2013) This picture shows the Cottonwood Heights Fire Station located at 8303 Wasatch Boulevard.

Fire StandFire Stand (10/22/2017) Some put a lot of effort making the detailed instructions for this fire stand. I guess, if there is a fire, people in building "F" are out of luck. They should have studied harder.

1-20 Pictures

Fire Stations

Fire Stations, Fire Equipment, Fire Memorials and (above all) firefighters are often a matter of great civic pride. As I take pictures of towns, I will add pictures of anything in the town related to the grand tradition of protecting the public from the ravages of fire.

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Memorials (14 pictures) This gallery shows pictures of memorials.


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