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Lost ToyLost Toy (10/25/2007) This penguin doll was hanging outside the construction grounds.

Cell PhoneCell Phone (03/02/2008) I found a cell phone. It was in a drainage ditch that feeds the Salt Lake Water Supply.

Battery ParkBattery Park (03/02/2008) This cell phone battery was in a location that drains into the water supply ... not good ... not good at all.

Lost GloveLost Glove (01/02/2010) A lost glove was propped up on a barbed wire fence in Neff Canyon

Free SunglassesFree Sunglasses (07/14/2010) A visor and sunglasses were sitting a cement barrier at the Killyon Canyon Trailhead.

Smashed PhoneSmashed Phone (02/27/2013) I found a smashed smart phone in a gutter. Losing a smartphone must have been heartbreaking. I put the corpse of the phone on this fire hydrant.

Turquoise RingTurquoise Ring (08/25/2013) I found a beautiful turquoise ring in a gutter. I took the picture on the bottom side of my dutch oven. The char from the open fire makes for an rich black background.

Sun PinSun Pin (08/25/2013) Last week I found this sun pin. It was under the wheel of my car. Why someone left it under my car is a mystery. I am glad I discovered it before I drove over it. I took this picture on the back side of my dutch oven which I use over an open flame.

1-8 Pictures

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