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Frontend LoaderFrontend Loader (12/04/2013) Machinery sits at the ready along the Bonneville Shoreline Trail and Parleys Canyon

Burst Water PipeBurst Water Pipe (11/13/2014) A water line burst on our street last night. A substantial amount of water gurgled up from between the gutter and the neighbor's driveway. (click for next image)

Yellow CatYellow Cat (11/13/2014) The city sent this piece of equipment out to dig up the break. (click picture)

Pipe PatchPipe Patch (11/13/2014) This is the patch they installed. (click to return to start of set)

Traveling WindbladeTraveling Windblade (06/06/2009) We passed on oversized load carrying a large blade for a windmill.

Oversized LoadOversized Load (06/06/2009) An oversized load convoy transported the blade for a windmill.

Oversized LoadOversized Load (06/06/2009) I wonder how many days a windmill has to crank before it generates more energy than the cost to manufacture, transport and build a wind tower. Will future generations see solar as an eye sore?

Steam TractorSteam Tractor (10/25/2007) Historical farm equipment on display at Fort Missoula.

Fork LiftFork Lift (10/25/2007) Fort Missoula in Missoula Montana houses displays of historical work equipment.

Geneva RockGeneva Rock (12/16/2008) Cement Trucks parked for the winter at Geneva Rock.

Bridge MoverBridge Mover (08/22/2008) This umpteen wheeled unit help move the 3300 South bridge on its mile journey from where it was built to where it will be placed.

Town or Easiest WayTown or Easiest Way (08/27/2008) Skiers have a choice of a a blue box or green circle way into town. I am not sure why there is a strange looking fork lift thing on the ski slope.

Bridge MovingBridge Moving (10/25/2007) This 3-million-pound four lane bridge is being moved with self-propelled modular transporters.

Coco Confronts a CatCoco Confronts a Cat (07/02/2008) Coco confronts a big old yellow cat on the Neff Creek Trail.

ConstructionConstruction (07/12/2008) A bundle of sunflowers watch the construction of the 700 East bridge.

Road Constructin Road Constructin (07/12/2008) A Cat operator is constructing himself a road.

Road Construction EquipmentRoad Construction Equipment (07/12/2008) Construction Equipment on I80.

CAT at WorkCAT at Work (07/12/2008) Working on the I80 reconstruction in Salt Lake City.

Landmovin EquipmentLandmovin Equipment (10/25/2007) Land Moving Equipment helping prepare for the new 4500 South Bridge.

New BridgeNew Bridge (10/25/2007) The New bridge awaits installment.

36 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-36

Construction Equipment

This gallery shows pictures of the equipment used in construction and destruction.

Context: Con/Destruction

4500 South Bridge (57 pictures) Pictures of the construction of the 4500 South Bridge.

1300 East Bridge (26 pictures) Construction of the 1300 East Bridge.


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