BallPark Stop

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Public ArtPublic Art (10/25/2007) This contraption sits on the sidewalk beside the Indian Walk In Center near the Ballpark Trax Stop.

Franklin Covey FieldFranklin Covey Field (10/25/2007) Franklin Covey Field is the home of the Salt Lake Bees.

Franklin Covey FieldFranklin Covey Field (10/25/2007) The main entrance to Franklin Covey Field.

Indian Walk In CenterIndian Walk In Center (10/25/2007) The Indian Walk In Center near trax on 1300 South is a community center for Native Americans.

Horizonte CenterHorizonte Center (10/25/2007) The Horizonte Center is an alternative High School and training center operated by the Salt Lake City School District.

Franklin Covey stadiumFranklin Covey stadium (10/25/2007) The Franklin Covey Stadium is currently home to the Salt Lake Bees.

Colorful HousingColorful Housing (10/25/2007) A colorful set of housing units stands out.

1-7 Pictures

Ballpark Stop

This gallery shows pictures from near the Ballpark stop on Trax in Salt Lake City.

The neighborhood includes the Franklin Covey Field which is home to the Salt Lake Bees baseball team.

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