Churchill Junior High School

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Sink HoleSink Hole (06/24/2009) This sinkhole appeared in the playing field at Churchill.

Churchill FieldChurchill Field (05/24/2010) The field at Churchill in May.

Progressive SchoolProgressive School (02/22/2013) Churchill Junior High proudly advertises that it is a Progressive School.

Salt Lake from ChurchillSalt Lake from Churchill (02/22/2013) The Churchill Parking Lot has a good view of the valley.

After School SleddingAfter School Sledding (02/22/2013) Students engage in some after school sledding in Salt Lake City.

The Sledding HillThe Sledding Hill (02/22/2013) How many major metropolitan areas can boast of a fun sledding hill at the foot of a mountain?

Bark Beetle ScarBark Beetle Scar (02/27/2013) A Pine Tree reacts to a boring bug by weeping sap. This tree is on the path to Churchill Junior High.

Mount Olympus from ChurchillMount Olympus from Churchill (02/27/2013) Picture includes the Churchill Sledding Hill and Mount Olympus in the distance.

Verizon Tower BaseVerizon Tower Base (10/16/2017) Just an update on the Verizon Tower base.

49 Pictures: 0-20 , 20-40 , 41-49

Churchill Junior High School

This gallery shows pictures of Churchill Junior High School in the Olympus Cove area of Salt Lake City. The school is administered by the Granite School District.

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Context: Schools - Utah

Skyline High School (56 pictures) Many students from Churchill Middle School go on to Skyline High School.

Utah Schools (56 pictures) This gallery shows pictures of schools from throughout Utah.

Wasatch Boulevard (71 pictures) Churchill Junior High is just East of Wasatch Drive.

Olympus Hills Park (44 pictures) There is an overpass leading from Churchill Middle School to Olympus Hills Park.

Mount Olympus (136 pictures) Churchill Junior High School is the Olympus Cove area to the West of Mount Olympus.

4500 South Bridge (57 pictures) This gallery shows pictures of the 4500 South Bridge which is Southwest of Churchill.

Grandeur Peak (145 pictures) Churchill Junior High has a great view of Grandeur Peak.

Eastwood Elementary School (26 pictures) This gallery shows pictures of Eastwood Elementary on 3300 South and Wasatch Boulevard.

Olympus Junior High (22 pictures) Olympus Junior High is in Holladay to the Southwest of Churchill.

Olympus Cove (36 pictures) Churchill Hill Junior High is in the Olympus Cove.


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