Churchill Junior High School

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Soaring over Salt LakeSoaring over Salt Lake (10/25/2007) A bird soars over the valley in this picture taken from the Churchill Playing field.

IHC FramedIHC Framed (10/25/2007) This telephoto shot from the Churchill Playing field shows IHC framed by the Oquirrh mountains.

Churchill TrailChurchill Trail (10/25/2007) This trail runs along Wasatch Boulevard from the LDS Seminary to Churchill Junior High School. The overpass crosses Wasatch and I215.

Grandeur PeakGrandeur Peak (10/25/2007) Grandeur Peak from the empty field between Churchill and the LDS Seminary.

Frisebee LeapFrisebee Leap (10/25/2007) Coco leaps for a frisbee in the Churchill Playground.

Salt Lake PanoramaSalt Lake Panorama (10/25/2007) A panorama of the Salt Lake Valley from the Churchill Junior High playing field.

Repainting the OverpassRepainting the Overpass (10/25/2007) The overpass at Churchill was closed for the 4500 South Bridge Construction.

NorthsideNorthside (10/25/2007) North side of Churchill Junior High School.

SouthsideSouthside (10/25/2007) Southside of Churchill Junior High School.

East SideEast Side (10/25/2007) A path wraps around the East Side of Churchill Junior high school.

Churchill Junion High SchoolChurchill Junion High School (10/25/2007) The South Side of Churchill Junior High School.

Sledding HillSledding Hill (02/11/2008) Churchill Junior High has a popular sledding hill.

Hitting the BumpHitting the Bump (02/11/2008) A chain of sledders hit a bump on the churchill sledding hill.

Temporary ShelterTemporary Shelter (02/11/2008) Wasatch Junior High burnt to the ground; so there is temporary shelter on the school grounds as the school doubles up.

Temporary ClassroomsTemporary Classrooms (02/11/2008) Currently, the students of both Churchill and Wasatch are crowding into the space at Churchill. These are temporary classrooms in the school parking lot.

Temporary ClassroomTemporary Classroom (02/11/2008) Temporary classrooms at Churchill.

One Heart One TeamOne Heart One Team (02/11/2008) Mount Olympus peaks over the Churchill School Building in Salt Lake City.

GrassesGrasses (07/02/2008) Grass going to seed at Chruchill

Downed PlaneDowned Plane (03/29/2009) I came across this downed kite plane in a snowdrift on the Churchill Junior High playing field while on a walk with Coco. I wonder if it was lost the field, or lost somewhere in Salt Lake and just happened to land in the field.

Examining the Sink HoleExamining the Sink Hole (06/24/2009) Coco examines a sinkhole that appeared in the Churchill playing field.

49 Pictures: 0-20 , 21-40 , 40-49

Churchill Junior High School

This gallery shows pictures of Churchill Junior High School in the Olympus Cove area of Salt Lake City. The school is administered by the Granite School District.

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Mount Olympus (136 pictures) Churchill Junior High School is the Olympus Cove area to the West of Mount Olympus.

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