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Butterfly WayButterfly Way (10/25/2007) This butterfly tube provides a secret entrance into the Rotary Park section of Liberty Park.

Park BenchPark Bench (10/25/2007) A park bench donated by the Rotary in Salt Lake City\'s Liberty Park.

Rotary BenchRotary Bench (10/02/2007) The Rotary Club placed this bench and a rock in Murray Park in 2003.

Rotary ParkRotary Park (09/28/2004) Rotary Park in Hobble Creek Canyon.

Canyon Glen Rotary PavilionCanyon Glen Rotary Pavilion (10/03/2006) This picture shows the Rotary Pavilion at Canyon Glen Park near Provo.

Rotary ParkRotary Park (03/12/2002) Rotary Park in McCall seems to have a good pile of snow for the winter.

Rotary ParkRotary Park (09/28/2004) Rotary Park in Moab, Utah.

Rotary ParkRotary Park (09/28/2004) The Moab Trail system leads through town parks.

Ottinger HallOttinger Hall (06/12/2007) Ottinger Hall was built for the Volunteer Firemen Association. It is currently being rennovated by into a youth hall as part of the Rotary Club Centennial Project.

Rotary StepsRotary Steps (06/12/2007) The Rotary Steps at Memory Grove were built in 1927, then rebuilt in 2002. I think I will walk up these stairs. {Click picture to climb stairs).

Cottonwood PlaygroundCottonwood Playground (09/28/2004) A playground carved from a tree in Moab's Rotary Park.

XylophoneXylophone (09/28/2004) A xylophone in Rotary Park.

Rotary BenchRotary Bench (10/02/2007) A special bench, and accompanying rock, for tired rotarians.

Bike RacksBike Racks (10/25/2007) Bike Racks at the entrance to the Rotary Playground in Libery.

Rotary Play ParkRotary Play Park (10/25/2007) The Rotary helped build a new playground in the Northwest area of Liberty Park.

1-15 Pictures

Rotary Constructs

The Rotary Club has an interesting habit of adding interesting public art, trails and memorials in parks. In recent years I've taken to photographing things in Parks and decided to break out a gallery of items placed by the Rotary Club.

There is no rhyme nor reason to this gallery. If I missed the item of your Rotary Club it is probably because the light wasn't right, or that I failed to read the plaque. There is also a chance that I am an insensitive lout who just doesn't appreciate the finer things in life.

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