Murray City Park

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Chief WasatchChief Wasatch (02/13/2014) This image of Chief Wasatch at the gate to Murray City Park was carved from a large tree trunk.

Murray City ParkMurray City Park (10/02/2007) This is the entrance to Murray City Park on State Street.

Chief WasatchChief Wasatch (10/02/2007) This statue at the Murray City Park on State Street commemorates Chief Wasatch.

Chief WasakieChief Wasakie (10/02/2007) This carving of Chief Washakie sits at the State Street Entrance to Murray City Park.

Washakie and the FutureWashakie and the Future (10/02/2007) The Chief Washakie Statue faces the massive new IHC building.

IHC from the ParkIHC from the Park (10/02/2007) A view of the IHC building from Murray City Park.

ArmamentsArmaments (10/02/2007) A cannon on display in the Murray City Park.

Armory DisplayArmory Display (10/02/2007) Weapons on display at the Murray City Park.

Aimed, Locked and LoadedAimed, Locked and Loaded (10/02/2007) The cannon is aimed at the new IHC facility.

Park BenchesPark Benches (10/02/2007)

Park EntrancePark Entrance (10/02/2007) This is a view down State Street from the Murray City Park Entrance. The park is much larger than the people dragging State would guess.

Chief WashakieChief Washakie (10/02/2007) A side view of the Chief Washakie statue.

Little CottonwoodLittle Cottonwood (10/02/2007) With little fan fare, Little Cottonwood Creek ducks under State Street in Murray.

Rotary BenchRotary Bench (10/02/2007) The Rotary Club placed this bench and a rock in Murray Park in 2003.

Little CottonwoodLittle Cottonwood (10/02/2007) A trail along Little Cottonwood Creek in Murray Park.

Building 154Building 154 (10/02/2007) Viewed from Murray Park, this building has the number 154. 1+5+4 is 10, you know. It is a very good number for a building.

Little Cottonwood BridgeLittle Cottonwood Bridge (10/02/2007) This foot bridge spans the Litte Cottonwood.

Rotary BenchRotary Bench (10/02/2007) A special bench, and accompanying rock, for tired rotarians.

Teen CenterTeen Center (10/02/2007) The Teen Center at the Murray Boys and Girls Club is just North of Murray City Park.

Little CottonwoodLittle Cottonwood (10/02/2007) Little Cottonwood Creek runs through Murray City Park.

84 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-84

Murray City Park

This gallery shows images from the area in and near Murray City Park in the center of the Salt Lake Valley. The main entrance to the park is on the East Side of State Street at about 5100 South. The park features a network of developed trails that wind along Little Cottonwood Creek. Facilities in the area include a skating rink, several swimming pools, an arboretum, multiple soccer fields, baseball fields and playgrounds.

See Salt Lake Sites for events at the park.

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