4500 South Bridge

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Relief ProcessRelief Process (06/16/2008) The relief images are created from cut pieces of styrofoam built into the concrete form. When they remove the form, they have a simple relief image. I understand they design the pictures on a computer then get the measurements for the enlarged picture.

4500 South Bridge4500 South Bridge (02/11/2008) This picture shows the 4500 South Bridge in place. The bridge has a steep slope. It is challenge to ride a bike up 4500 South.

4500 South Bridge4500 South Bridge (02/11/2008) This is the new 4500 South Bridge framed by Mount Olympus. The next picture is the same scene without the bus. This image is available on Big Stock Photo. Click image for details.

4500 South Bridge4500 South Bridge (02/11/2008) This picture shows the 4500 South Bridge in Salt Lake City. If you click the pic, you can see the same scene with a bus on the road.

4500 South4500 South (02/11/2008) This last section of 4500 South in Salt Lake City can put a cyclist to the test.

Bridge MovingBridge Moving (10/25/2007) This 3-million-pound four lane bridge is being moved with self-propelled modular transporters.

Old BridgesOld Bridges (10/25/2007) The old bridges sit by the side of the freeway awaiting demolition.

Self-Propelled Modular TransportersSelf-Propelled Modular Transporters (10/25/2007) The SPMTs move the 4500 South Bridge into place. The SPMTs have multiple axles are and computer controlled.

The GapThe Gap (10/25/2007) The abutments were built by Wadsworth Construction and have a mountain scene relief pattern. The patterns are made by styrofoam cutouts placed in the cement mold.

4500 South Abutment Pattern4500 South Abutment Pattern (10/25/2007) This picture shows one side of the pattern built into the abutments. I would like to go over and take a picture of the other side, but it appears that someone moved the bridge!!! It is now common to adorn bridges with public art.

The CrowdThe Crowd (10/25/2007) A crowd views the 4500 South bridge construction from the old sand dunes in Olympus Hills Park.

Construction as Spectator SportConstruction as Spectator Sport (10/25/2007) Crowds in Olympus Hills Park turn their eyes toward the construction of the new freeway.

Eye in the SkyEye in the Sky (10/25/2007) KSL has an eye in the sky to watch the 4500 South Bridge Construction.

45th Street Bridge45th Street Bridge (09/23/2007) This is the new bridge that will span I215 at 45th South.

Wasatch BoulevardWasatch Boulevard (09/23/2007) There is some interesting light hitting the Kennecott mine in the background of this picture of Wasatch Boulevard and 4500 South.

A Bridge From and To NowhereA Bridge From and To Nowhere (09/23/2007) They are building the new 4500 South Bridge alongside the I215. So, I assume they will close the freeway one day and swing the bridge in place.

4500 South Bridge4500 South Bridge (09/23/2007) This is the new 4500 South Bridge.

Bridge ConstructionBridge Construction (09/23/2007) The construction of the new 4500 South Bridge.

Old BridgeOld Bridge (09/23/2007) The old 4500 South Bridge has a steeper slope than the design for the bridge allows.

Aging JointAging Joint (09/23/2007) The salt and steep slope of the 4500 bridge caused the bridge to wear out quicker than expected.

57 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-57

4500 South Bridge

4500 South has a steep slope as it climbs the shoulder of Mount Olympus. The bridge across the I215E has a steep gradiant. Because of the steep angle and salt used during the winter, the bridge wore out faster than most bridges. Although the bridge is only a few decades old, it is being replaced during the Fall of 2007.

To replace the bridge, UDOT is using a new accelerated bridge replacement process. Rather than building the bridge in place. They are building the bridge along the side of the freeway, they will then swing the bridge into place.

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