Olympus Cove

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Ceres DriveCeres Drive (10/15/2017) Things turned incredibly red this Fall.

Brockbank DriveBrockbank Drive (12/17/2016) 4500 South turns into Brockbank Drive as it climbs East of Wasatch Boulevard into the Olympus Cove. This neighborhood is part of the newly minted Mill Creek City just South of Salt Lake.

Mid Winter Roof RepairMid Winter Roof Repair (12/04/2013) This family ordered a new roof in the summer. They crew didn't start working until late November. Not surprisingly this happened to the half completed roof. The new shingles are stacked on top the roof. So sad.

Christy SportsChristy Sports (01/29/2014) This picture shows Christy Sports and Ace Hardware taken from Wasatch Boulevard with Grandeur Peak in the distance.

Dan s FoodDan s Food (01/29/2014) Image shows Dan's Food framed by Mount Olympus in the Cove area.

Millcreek BicyclesMillcreek Bicycles (01/29/2014) Image shows Millcreek Bicycle Shop framed by the opening of Mill Creek Canyon in the Olympus Hills Shopping Mall.

Oquirrh MountainsOquirrh Mountains (01/29/2014) Images shows the Oquirrh Mountains viewed from the Olympus Hills Mall just of Wasatch Boulevard.

Digging a HoleDigging a Hole (06/16/2012) A water main broke outside my folk's house, the county sent out a crew with a cat a dump truck to fix it.

Oakview DriveOakview Drive (05/24/2010) Oakview Drive on May 24, 2010.

Ceres DriveCeres Drive (05/24/2010) A street lined with garbage cans.

Oakview DriveOakview Drive (09/23/2007) A view down Oakview Drive to Wasatch Boulevard.

Oakview DriveOakview Drive (09/23/2007) Oakview Drive in the Olympus Cove.

Churchill Junior HighChurchill Junior High (00/00/2004) Churchill Junion Highschool is on Wasatch Boulevard at about 4100 south. This is a picture from the base of the overpass.

Oakview DriveOakview Drive (04/30/2003) To access Neff Canyon or to hike the face of the mountain, you need to drive up Oakview Drive.

Don t Dump on UtahDon t Dump on Utah (04/30/2003) A Don't Dump on Utah sign cluttering a stream bed in Salt Lake.

Olympus CoveOlympus Cove (04/30/2003) This LDS Church on Oakview Drive fits well with the background. Most seem to be built with no awareness of the surroundings.

FleabaneFleabane (09/23/2007) Flowers growing in the open space near Churchill Junior High School.

Focus Health and FitnessFocus Health and Fitness (03/18/2008) Focus Health and Fitness is in the Olympus Hills Shopping Center on 3900 South and Wasatch Drive.

Salt Lake RecyclesSalt Lake Recycles (05/24/2010) A county owned recycling bin.

Retaining WallsRetaining Walls (02/22/2013) The houses along the dunes of Olympus Hills Park have large retaining walls.

37 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-37

Olympus Cove

The Olympus Cove is a Salt Lake City neighborhood build on the alluvial plane of Neff Creek, the cove is nestled between Wasatch Boulevard and Mount Olympus.

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