Crown Hill Open Space

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Crown Hill TowerCrown Hill Tower (05/24/2007) A monument in Crown Hill Cemetery.

Exercise EquipmentExercise Equipment (05/24/2007) Exercise Equipment in Crown Hill Open Space.

Exercise OptionsExercise Options (05/24/2007) Crown Hill Open Space Park has several exercise stations to help break up an afternoon walk.

Crown Hill LakeCrown Hill Lake (05/24/2007)

Exercise StationExercise Station (05/24/2007)

Developed TrailsDeveloped Trails (05/24/2007) The trail around Crown Hill Lake.

Information DisplaysInformation Displays (05/24/2007) Exercise Station at Crown Hill Open Space.

GeeseGeese (05/24/2007)

Crown Hill TrailCrown Hill Trail (05/24/2007)

Vacating the RoadVacating the Road (05/24/2007)

GeeseGeese (05/24/2007) A flock of geese at Crown Hill Park.

FishermenFishermen (05/24/2007) Fishermen at Crown Hill Lake.

Distant RockiesDistant Rockies (05/24/2007) The Rocky Mountains viewed from Crown Hill Lake in Wheat Ridge.

Crown Hill CemeteryCrown Hill Cemetery (05/24/2007) A tower at the Crown Hill Cemetery viewed from Crown Hill Open Space.

Crown Hill LakeCrown Hill Lake (05/24/2007) A view of the Rockies across Crown Hill Lake.

Table Top MountainsTable Top Mountains (05/24/2007) A view of the Table Top Mountains that sit between Denver and the Rockies.

Open SpaceOpen Space (05/24/2007) A sampling of the Open Space at the Crown Hill Open Space Park.

Urban TrailUrban Trail (05/24/2007) A section of the Crown Hill Park heading off toward the Rockies.

CemeteryCemetery (05/24/2007) Spending a few relaxing hours walking around the Crown Hill Park can put off the day that you become a fixture of the Crown Hill Cemetery.

Crown Hill TrailCrown Hill Trail (05/24/2007) The North Side of the Lake.

31 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-31

Crown Hill Open Space

This gallery shows image of Crown Hill Open Space Park in Jefferson County on the West side of Denver.

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Coco - the puppy (211 pictures) I took Coco on a walk around the lake. She would have preferred being off leash; so that she could chase the geese.


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