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ThistleThistle (08/27/2008) Thistle blooms in the latter part of the Summer.

ThistleThistle (07/02/2008) Thistle growing along the Neff Canyon Trail.

ThistleThistle (07/02/2008) A towering thistle in Neff Canyon.

ThistleThistle (07/02/2008) The subtle plume of a Goatsbeard and yellow mustard help make this picture of thistle stand out.

Butterfly on ThistleButterfly on Thistle (07/02/2008) A butterfly graces a thistle in Neff Canyon.

Butterfly on ThistleButterfly on Thistle (07/02/2008) A close up of a butterfly on a thistle.

BurdockBurdock (09/05/2007) Burdock (Arctium spp) is a member of the Asteraceae family.

ThistleThistle (07/13/2006) A thistle growing outside Red Butte Garden.

ThistleThistle (08/07/2007) Thistle growing near the Jordan River.

ThistleThistle (07/13/2006) Thistle (Cirsium spp.) growing near Red Butte Garden.

ThistleThistle (06/08/2006)

ThistleThistle (06/16/2007) Thistle is a composite with bright purple flowers and spiny leaves.

Hairy FruitHairy Fruit (08/07/2007) This species of thistle found near the Utah Cultural Center (by the Jordan River) has notably hairy seeds.

BurdockBurdock (09/05/2007) Burdock going to seed in Neff Canyon.

White BurdockWhite Burdock (09/05/2007) This Burdock flower from Neff Canyon is white.

Common BurdockCommon Burdock (09/05/2007) Common Burdock in Neff Canyon.

Large LeafLarge Leaf (07/29/2006) The Burdock (Arctium spp.) is a member of the Asteraceae family. The plant has large leaves and thistle like flowers.

ThistleThistle (08/27/2008) Thistle add a dash of color during the summer months.

Thistle Going to SeedThistle Going to Seed (08/27/2008) Thistles break into dandelion style drifting seeds.

Hairy ThistleHairy Thistle (09/13/2008) Wind swept thistle going to seed.

BurdockBurdock (09/13/2008) Burdock disperses its seeds through velcro like hooks that stick to the fur of passing animals.

BurdockBurdock (09/13/2008) Burdock, a type of thistle, has massive leaves and purple flowers that develop into sticky seeds.

ThistleThistle (07/04/2009) Thistle growing on the hill over Memory Grove.

ThistleThistle (07/04/2009) Thistle growing on the hill dropping int Memory Grove.

ThistleThistle (07/23/2009) A thistle growing in Sandy soil.

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A thistle is a flowering plant with sharp spines or prickles on margins of the leaves. Thistles are common in desert areas. As the plants are not suitable for grazing and scapes the legs of hikers, many people consider thistles a weed. Several species of thistles have medicinal uses, and most have pretty flowers.

Most thistles are members of the Asteraceae family.

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