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Mike LeeMike Lee (11/02/2013) This was the closest I could get to the Senator during the welcome home rally.

The Distinguished SpeakersThe Distinguished Speakers (03/18/2008) The distinquished speakers at the meeting included County Mayor Peter Coroon and Councilman Randy Horiuchi.

Gordon B. HinckleyGordon B. Hinckley (07/24/2007) The girl in front of me started contorting wildly when this car passed; So I was only able to get one shot. Gordon B. Hinckley is the president of the LDS Church.

Rob BishopRob Bishop (07/04/2007) Float 25 carried Rob Bishop who represents Utah in the House of Representatives.

Jon Huntsman, jrJon Huntsman, jr (07/24/2007) Jon Huntsman was elected in 2004.

Governor HuntsmanGovernor Huntsman (07/24/2007) Jon Huntsman, jr is the 16th governor of the State of Utah.

Governor Jon HuntsmanGovernor Jon Huntsman (07/24/2007) Governor Jon Huntsman is the 16 governor of the State of Utah.

Gary R. HerbertGary R. Herbert (07/24/2007) Gary R. Herbert, the Lieutenant Governor, in the Days of 47 Parade.

Chris BurbankChris Burbank (07/24/2007) Chris Burbank is the Salt Lake City Chief of Police.

James WinderJames Winder (07/24/2007) James Winder is the Salt Lake County Sheriff.

Bruce BinghamBruce Bingham (07/04/2007) Bruce Bingham was the president of the 2007 Pioneer Day Parade.

Lane SummerhaysLane Summerhays (07/04/2007) Lane Summerhays is the CEO of the Utah Workers Compensation Fund.

Dick NourseDick Nourse (07/04/2007) Dick Nourse is an anchor for KSL.

Charles QuerryCharles Querry (07/04/2007) Charles Querry is the Salt Lake City Fire Chief.

Mayor Rocky AndersonMayor Rocky Anderson (07/04/2007) Mayor Rocky Anderson at the 2007 Days of 47 Parade.

Utah WriterUtah Writer (01/21/2008) A Utah writer in a fancy furry hat, scarf and gloves. Click to find out what the person wrote.

Sue BakerSue Baker (04/24/2008) Sue Baker is a driving force behind the UNAU, Model UN, Adopt A Lindmine and other worthy non profit efforts in Utah.

Peter CorroonPeter Corroon (04/17/2010) Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon was the opening speaker for the marathon.

Sounding HornSounding Horn (04/17/2010) Mayor Peter Corroon holds a small aerosole device that makes a loud noise to start the Salt Lake Marathon. Being in a community spirit, I will forgive this one release of greenhouse gasses.

Senator Mike LeeSenator Mike Lee (08/01/2013) Utah Senator Mike Lee addresses an audience at the Grand America.

1-20 Pictures

Known People

There is not a drop of paparazzi blood in me. I actually find real people more interesting than famous people.

I started this gallery simply because there were several big names at the 2007 Days of 47 Parade, and I realized that I should have a gallery for names in the public eye.

This gallery will include photographs of known people such as politicians, musicians, and religious leaders that I encounter at various events.

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Pioneer Days Parade (107 pictures) I started this gallery at the 2007 Days for 47 parade.


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