Canyon Rim Park

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Climbing Wall and SlideClimbing Wall and Slide (06/16/2012) A climbing wall and fun slide were main attractions at the Venture Outdoor Festival.

Open AreaOpen Area (06/16/2012) Canyon Rim Park has large open areas ideal for a community festival.

Dancing areaDancing area (06/16/2012) A boy shows off his moves at the Venture Outdoors Festival.

Fun SlidesFun Slides (06/16/2012) This playground equipment is located at Canyon Rim Park in Mill Creek Township.

Playground EquipmentPlayground Equipment (06/16/2007) This is a happy little twist on a the merry-go-round.

Venture Outdoor FestivalVenture Outdoor Festival (06/16/2007) An inflated slide is a hit at the Venture Outdoor Festival.

Archery DisplayArchery Display (06/16/2007) This booth lets people check out their archery skills. The guy standing behind the display is either foolhearty or extremely brave.

Festival BoothsFestival Booths (06/16/2007) Festival booths at the annual venture outdoor festival for Millcreek Township.

Elaborate BoothElaborate Booth (06/16/2007) The booths at community and art festivals seem to be getting bigger and more elaborate with each year.

Climbing WallClimbing Wall (06/16/2007) A portable climbing wall is being hoisted into place at the Outdoor festival.

Circle the BoothsCircle the Booths (06/16/2007) This is a collection of booths at the Venture Outdoor Festival in Canyon Rim Park.

Black Diamond DisplayBlack Diamond Display (06/16/2007) Black Diamond is a local provider of climbing equipment. The company is often involved in community events.

Live MusicLive Music (06/16/2007) A selection of local singers put on a pleasant display on the main festival stage.

Live MusicLive Music (06/16/2007) Live music at the Venture Outdoor Festival in Canyon Rim Park.

Sheriff WagonSheriff Wagon (06/16/2007) The local sheriff is ready for anything with the new Mobile Command Center.

ATMATM (06/16/2007) Have no fears, street festivals come equipped with ATMS to help the businesses at the festival separate people from their money.

Trophey TrailerTrophey Trailer (06/16/2007) This is an interesting way to display hunting trophies.

Fire TruckFire Truck (06/16/2007) Still on the ready, a few firemen relax at the Venture Outdoor Festival.

Lower PlaygroundLower Playground (06/16/2007) The lower section of Canyon Rim Park has an interesting two layer pavilion with a playground on one side and picnic tables on the other.

Public ArtPublic Art (06/16/2007) This is an interesting piece of art on display at the Venture Outdoor Festival.

CanapiesCanapies (06/16/2007) The booths at the Venture Outdoor Festival so no one is over crowded.

CanoeCanoe (06/16/2007) It would be so fun to go out canoing. Unfortunately, we have to drive over a mountain range to get to the good rivers.

Snowbird BoothSnowbird Booth (06/16/2007) The Snowbird Booth has inflatable trams.

ErosionErosion (06/16/2007) The owner of this house capped their cinder block fence with red cinder stone blocks in an interesting experiment in erosion.

Canyon Rim ParkCanyon Rim Park (06/16/2012) Festival grounds at Canyon Rim Park.

Canyon Rim AmphitheaterCanyon Rim Amphitheater (06/16/2012) The Canyon Rim Amphitheater was a venue for live music.

1-26 Pictures

Canyon Rim Park

This gallery shows images taken during the annual Venture Outdoor Festival in Canyon Rim Park in the Millcreek Township area of Salt Lake County.

Context: Parks - Utah

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