Lindsey Gardens

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Salt Lake from the AvenuesSalt Lake from the Avenues (06/16/2007) A view of Salt Lake City from the Avenues.

Off Leash AreaOff Leash Area (06/16/2007) The off leash area at Lindsey Garden is covered with trees. Coco likes the shade, but I have a difficult time throwing the frisbee between trees.

Salt Lake CitySalt Lake City (06/16/2007) Lindsey Gardens in the Avenues provides a tree framed view of the Salt Lake City Skyline.

Park BenchPark Bench (06/16/2007) A park bench in the off leash area of Lindsey Park.

Off Leash AreaOff Leash Area (06/16/2007) This off leash area in Lindsey Gardens offers substantial shade. Unfortunately frisbee tossing is difficult.

Frisbee TossingFrisbee Tossing (06/16/2007) Coco was having a hard time in this off leash area as it was covered with sharp pine cones. This frisbee toss got away from her.

Pine ConesPine Cones (06/16/2007) A close up of Pine Cones at Lindsey Gardens.

New FrisbeeNew Frisbee (06/16/2007) This is Coco's new frisbee. The Flying Squirrel branded frisbee has been through about 300 fetches (several in a creek) and a few games of tug of war. (I got this frisbee from Only Natural Pet Store ... click picture for store).

A View of the CityA View of the City (06/16/2007) A view of Salt Lake City from Lindsey Gardens.

SeatingSeating (06/16/2007) Seating at one of the baseball diamonds

Baseball DiamondBaseball Diamond (06/16/2007) This is one of the several baseball diamonds at Lindsey Gardens.

New PlaygroundNew Playground (06/16/2007) New playground equipment at Lindsey Gardens.

Swing Set and Merry-Go-RoundSwing Set and Merry-Go-Round (06/16/2007) Lindsey Gardens still sports a swing set and merry-go-round. I thought they had pulled up all of these for liability concerns.

New Playground EquipmentNew Playground Equipment (06/16/2007) Newer style playground equipment at Lindsey Garden.

Lindsey Garden ViewLindsey Garden View (06/16/2007) This view from Lindsey Garden includes a park baseball diamond, Rice Stadium and Mount Olympus in the distance.

Salt Lake Through the TreesSalt Lake Through the Trees (06/16/2007) The park offers several views of the city.

Lindsey GardensLindsey Gardens (06/16/2007) This view includes a baseball field at Lindsey Gardens, a corner of the Salt Lake Cemetery. The dome is the Huntsman Center, the red tower below Mount Olympus is the Rice Eccles Stadium.

Park PavilionPark Pavilion (06/16/2007) This is the Park Pavilion at Lindsey Gardens.

Lindsey Park PavilionLindsey Park Pavilion (06/16/2007) The Lindsey Park Pavilion offers a place for group events and picnics.

Dogs Must Be On LeashDogs Must Be On Leash (06/16/2007) There certainly are a large number of leash signs for a supposedly dog friendly park.

39 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-39

Lindsey Gardens

Lindsey Gardens the Avenues of Salt Lake City has an off leash area. As I have been tasked with walking a dog, I thought it would check it out. Lindsey Garden Park is adjacent to the 250 acre Salt Lake City Cemetery. This cemetery is the largest City operated cemetery in the United States.

Lindsey Gardens is marked as containing one of the eight official off leash areas in Salt Lake County Park system (PDF); So, I thought I would check the area out.

On June 15, 2007, I headed out with Coco in tow for some frisbee tossing. Unfortunately, I discovered that the section of the park set aside for the dogs was covered with trees. The trees made frisbee tossing a chore. Even worse, the pine trees had dropped cones that had little sharp thorns. The frisbee game failed. When I tossed the frisbee, Coco would step on a pine cone and wipe out.


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