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1100 East - Loorking North1100 East - Loorking North (03/20/2013) Looking North along 1100 East.

Avenues BakeryAvenues Bakery (07/25/2008) A bakery on South Temple in Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake ApartmentSalt Lake Apartment (07/25/2008) An apartment building on North Temple in Salt Lake City.

Graylin ApartmentsGraylin Apartments (07/25/2008) This apartment building is on North Temple in Salt Lake City.

Spiral Fire EscapeSpiral Fire Escape (07/25/2008) A spiral fire escape adorns a building in the avenues.

Buildings 58 and 54Buildings 58 and 54 (07/25/2008) Two buildings near the Cathedral in Salt Lake City.

The Madeleine Choir SchoolThe Madeleine Choir School (07/25/2008) The sign on the bus says, `STOP The Madeleine Choir School.` It makes me wonder what the school is doing and why it needs to be stopped.

Side ViewSide View (07/25/2008) A side view of the Salt Lake Cathedral.

Salt Lake from the AvenuesSalt Lake from the Avenues (06/16/2007) A view of Salt Lake City from the Avenues.

Avenues MansionAvenues Mansion (06/12/2007) This is one of the humble abodes in the Salt Lake Avenues.

Salt Lake HouseSalt Lake House (06/12/2007) This house in the Avenues is adjacent to LDS Hospital.

Avenues AbodeAvenues Abode (06/12/2007) A house in the Avenues.

Utah MansionUtah Mansion (06/12/2007) This building in the Avenues is adjacent to the the LDS Hospital.

Front StepsFront Steps (06/12/2007) Yeah, I used to live here, but I thought quarters for my maids were too cramped. Wanting them to have more room, I bought a much bigger house in out in the burbs.

You don't believe me, do you?

Memorial House and CapitolMemorial House and Capitol (06/12/2007) The Utah State Capitol Building is on a hillside overlooking the mouth of City Creek Canyon, just above the Memorial House reception center.

LDS HospitalLDS Hospital (06/12/2007) LDS Hospital (operated by IHC) is one of the premiere medical centers in Utah.

Rock GardenRock Garden (06/12/2007) This garden in the avenues displays replicas of desert petroglyphs.

New HousesNew Houses (06/12/2007) A row of new houses in the Avenues.

The AvenuesThe Avenues (06/12/2007) This shot includes houses and 3 Physicians Tower in The Avenues.

IHC LDS HospitalIHC LDS Hospital (06/12/2007) This is a view of the West Side of LDS Hospital in the Avenues.

37 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-37

The Avenues

The aveneus is a premium neighborhood on the North side of Salt Lake City. The avenues use a lettering system (as opposed to the numbering system used in Salt Lake City.

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Context: Towns-Utah

LDS Hospital (18 pictures) This gallery shows pictures from Salt Lake City.

South Temple (208 pictures) This gallery shows pictures from South Temple on the southern border of the Avenues.

University of Utah (189 pictures) The Avenues is home for many of the professors and researcher who work at the University of Utah.

Memory Grove Park (88 pictures) City Creek Canyon and Memory Grove define the west end of The Avenues.

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Bonneville Shoreline Trail (131 pictures) The Bonneville Shoreline Trails runs alongside the Wasatch Mountains above The Avenues.


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