LDS Hospital

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LDS HospitalLDS Hospital (06/12/2007) Cresting the trail from Memory Grove I find myself facing LDS Hospital.

Utah MansionUtah Mansion (06/12/2007) This building in the Avenues is adjacent to the the LDS Hospital.

LDS HospitalLDS Hospital (06/12/2007) LDS Hospital (operated by IHC) is one of the premiere medical centers in Utah.

LDS HospitalLDS Hospital (06/12/2007) This is the South Side of LDS Hospital.

LDS HospitalLDS Hospital (06/12/2007) This view shows the South East corner of LDS Hospital.

LDS HospitalLDS Hospital (06/12/2007) This picture shows the East Side of LDS Hospital.

Level One TraumaLevel One Trauma (06/12/2007) This is the Entrance to the Level One Trauma Center on the East Side of the LDS Hospital. Notice the mysterious blue dot in the picture. I think one of the patients didn't make it, and I caught their aura with camera.

LDS HospitalLDS Hospital (06/12/2007) The LDS Hospital Facility is surrounded by a forest of grand old trees, hampering photography.

New HousesNew Houses (06/12/2007) A row of new houses in the Avenues.

The AvenuesThe Avenues (06/12/2007) This shot includes houses and 3 Physicians Tower in The Avenues.

LDS HospitalLDS Hospital (06/12/2007)

LDS HospitalLDS Hospital (06/12/2007) This image shows the West side of 3 Physicians Tower and the LDS Hospital.

IHC LDS HospitalIHC LDS Hospital (06/12/2007) This is a view of the West Side of LDS Hospital in the Avenues.

3 Physician Tower3 Physician Tower (06/12/2007) This building on C Street and 9th is titled 3 Physician Tower. The building seems big enough for more than three physicians.

LDS HospitalLDS Hospital (06/12/2007) This picture from C Street shows the entrance to the Jon and Karen Huntsman Education Center with the LDS Hospital in the background.

Intermountain LDS HospitalIntermountain LDS Hospital (06/12/2007) The main entrance to the LDS Hospital is on C Street.

LDS HospitalLDS Hospital (06/12/2007) A picture of the LDS Hospital from C Street.

8th Avenue8th Avenue (06/12/2007) Looking down 8th Avenue (near the trail to Memory Grove) toward the LDS Hospital.

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LDS Hospital

This gallery shows picture of the LDS Hospital (links to Salt Hospitals) in the avenues of Salt Lake City. The hospital is currently operated by Intermountain Health Care.

LDS Hospital is one of Utah's most reknown medical facilities. The hospital is proud to have received recognition as an ANCC Magnet Hospital.

The hospital is in a quiet Avenues neighborhood. I usually get lost when I try to find it.

In 2007, IHC built a new state of the art facility in Murray. I understand the IHC will transfer most of its cutting edge research to the new facility and the LDS Hospital will transition into a regional hospital.

I see this as positive news as the streets surrounding the current facility are steep, narrow and offer limited parking. The new facility has freeway access and is on the Trax line.

According to the Deseret News, the hospital was founded in 1905 with just 80 rooms. Today the hospital has 5000 employees and oversees the birth of 5000 babies a year.

As the name implies, LDS Hospital was a central part of a hospital network built by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. reports that the LDS Church began divesting itself of its medical facilities in 1975 to a newly formed corporation called IHC (Intermountain Health Care). IHC has since grown into the largest medical facility in the Mountain West.

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