Expedition Park

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Expedition ParkExpedition Park (05/26/2007) Green River Expedition Park viewed from the Green River Pedestrian Bridge.

Expedition Park PlaygroundExpedition Park Playground (05/26/2007) The playground in Green River Expedition Park has a fun dinosaur theme.

CabooseCaboose (05/26/2007) A caboose adds flavor to Expedition Park in Green River, Wyoming.

Spray ParkSpray Park (05/26/2007) This is cool! The cone shaped buckets in the Spray Park fill with water and dump on people who stand beneath them.

Green River Spray ParkGreen River Spray Park (05/26/2007) The Green River Spray Park is a hit with the kids on a hot summer day.

Spray ParkSpray Park (05/26/2007) Odd shaped equipment sprays delighted children in Green River's Spray Park.

Spray ParkSpray Park (05/26/2007) This is a variety of devices designed to spray overheating children in the Spray Park in Green River, Wyoming.

Expedition IslandExpedition Island (05/26/2007) A bridge crosses to Expedition Island in Green River, Wyoming.

Swing BenchSwing Bench (05/26/2007) A swinging bench on the Green River on Expedition Island.

DucksDucks (05/26/2007) Two ducks enjoy a Spring Day on the Green River.

Park PavilionPark Pavilion (05/26/2007) This picture from Expedition Park shows a pavilions with the Palisades in the distance.

Pool HousePool House (05/26/2007) This building was once part of a large swimming pool facility on the banks of the Green River.

Expedition IslandExpedition Island (05/26/2007) A park bench offers a view of the distant Palisades on Green River's Expedition Island.

PlaygoundPlaygound (05/26/2007) This playground and playing field cover the northern stretch of Expedition Island in Green River.

Expedition Island ParkExpedition Island Park (05/26/2007) This large field covers much of expedition Island.

Lost ToyLost Toy (05/26/2007) I came across this little lost bunny on Expedition Island Park. I hope it finds a new owner before the next mowing.

FishermanFisherman (05/26/2007) A fisherman stands on one of the barriers at Expedition Park. The barriers create little rapids for people on inner tubes, kayaks and rafts.

Sand AreaSand Area (05/26/2007) This sand area is used for volleyball and other beach style games.

Pedestrian BridgePedestrian Bridge (05/26/2007) This is part of the network of bridges connecting Expedition Island to Green River, Wyoming.

Pedestrian BridgePedestrian Bridge (05/26/2007) This bridge brings people from the Expedition Park to the West Side of Green River, Wyoming.

37 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-37

Expedition Park

This gallery shows images of Expedition Park in Green River, Wyoming. Expedition Park was the starting point for many of the famous expeditions of the Green and Colorado Rivers in the Western United States.

The park is a fun place for families with water fountains, and a river begging for tubing.

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