Green River, Wyoming

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Green RiverGreen River (05/26/2007) The Palisades of the Green River in Wyoming.

Green RiverGreen River (05/26/2007) Green River is surrounded by tower sandstone of the Green River Formation.

Green River FormationGreen River Formation (05/26/2007) The Green River has carved a number of handsome features in the tower sandstone.

Overlook ParkOverlook Park (05/26/2007) Overlook Park in Green River is the trail head for the Thomas Moran trail (named for the landscape painter).

FacilitiesFacilities (05/26/2007) The facilities at Overlook park consist of a wood shack built around two port-a-potties.

Towers over the Green RiverTowers over the Green River (05/26/2007) These two towers stand over the Green River.

Oak Tree InnOak Tree Inn (05/26/2007) The Oak Tree Inn is one of a number of establishments handing interstate traffic on I80.

Green RiverGreen River (05/26/2007) Interstate 80 crosses the Green River in Western Wyoming.

Oak Tree InnOak Tree Inn (05/26/2007) The Oak Tree Inn is on the canyon rim above the town of Green River.

Pedestrian BridgePedestrian Bridge (05/26/2007) This pedestrian bridge was built in 1938 to help the good people of Green River cross the tracks.

Pedestrian BridgePedestrian Bridge (05/26/2007) Green River sports a fun pedestrian bridge that spans a vast railroad yard.

Pedestrian BridgePedestrian Bridge (05/26/2007) This bridge was built in 1938 in a national effort to protect pedestrians from dangerous railroad crossings.

Green River NurseryGreen River Nursery (05/26/2007) This Nursery sits at the West End of the Green River Pedestrian bridge.

Expedition ParkExpedition Park (05/26/2007) Green River Expedition Park viewed from the Green River Pedestrian Bridge.

Pedestrian BridgePedestrian Bridge (05/26/2007) This is a massive pedestrian bridge across the Green River Railroad Tracks.

Green River Railroad StationGreen River Railroad Station (05/26/2007) The Green River Railway station viewed from the pedestrian bridge.

Maintenance YardMaintenance Yard (05/26/2007) The railroad maintenance yard viewed from the pedestrian bridge in Green River, Wyoming.

Maintenance YardMaintenance Yard (05/26/2007) The maintenance yard viewed from the pedestrian bridge.

Green River DepotGreen River Depot (05/26/2007) The Green River Railroad depot faces a massive railroad yard.

Engine 9439Engine 9439 (05/26/2007) Engine 9439 waits its next run at the Green River depot.

59 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-59

Green River, Wyoming

Green River is a small town on I80 in Western Wyoming. The town is named for the Green River which is one of the primary drainages for the Western United States. The River starts in the Wind River Mountains (North of Green River). It terminates at its confluence with the Colorado River just West of Moab, Utah.

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