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Male Mule DeerMale Mule Deer (02/11/2008) My best guess is that this creature is a male mule deer.

Two Mule DeerTwo Mule Deer (10/01/2006) A mother and fawn mule deer in the forest along the Alpine Trail.

Mule DeerMule Deer (05/25/2007) Mule deer frequent the neighborhoods of Rawlins.

DeerDeer (05/25/2007) These two creatures were hanging around the Old Wyoming State Penitentiary in Rawlins. My guess is that they are young deer.

Mule DeerMule Deer (10/01/2006) Mule Deer at Cedar Breaks.

DeerDeer (02/11/2008) Deer on a nob near Echo Reservoir.

Mule DeerMule Deer (02/11/2008) I believe this creature standing on a cliff outside Echo junction to be a Mule Deer. At first I thought it might be an elk because of the thick fur on the neck.

DeerDeer (02/11/2008) Two mule deer scramble away from the annoying man with a camera.

Mule Deer TracksMule Deer Tracks (03/23/2012) I discovered wild animal tracks through the cement at City Creek Creek which I carefully identified as Mule Deer Tracks.

1-9 Pictures


This gallery will include pictures of deer and antelope.

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