Rawlins, Wyoming

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Sanford s Grub and PubSanford s Grub and Pub (05/25/2007) The grub and pub in Rawlins sports interesting signage.

Days Inn - RawlinsDays Inn - Rawlins (05/26/2007) As I was traveling with a puppy in tow, I stayed at the pet friendly Days Inn in Rawlins, Wyoming. I usually don't like Continental Breakfasts, However, when traveling with pets, it is difficult to visit restaurants.

Carbon BuildingCarbon Building (05/25/2007) Rawlins is the county seat of Carbon County.

St. Joseph - RawlinsSt. Joseph - Rawlins (05/25/2007) The Saint Joseph\'s Catholic Church in Rawlins, Wyoming.

Saint Joseph s Catholic ChurchSaint Joseph s Catholic Church (05/25/2007) According to the Diocese web site, the corner stone for the Saint Joseph's Catholic Church in Rawlins was laid in 1915, and the structure completed in 1916.

310310 (05/25/2007) This is cool, birds made a nest in the door stop of 310 Pine. The site has interesting stone construction.

Rawlins in a StormRawlins in a Storm (05/25/2007) This picture shows Rawlins, Wyoming during a May storm.

Bank of the WestBank of the West (05/25/2007) This is the Bank of the West in Rawlins, Wyoming.

RawlinsRawlins (05/25/2007) Rawlins during the rain.

Bank of the WestBank of the West (05/25/2007) The Bank of the West at 4th and Buffalo in Rawlins, Wyoming.

Rawlins National BankRawlins National Bank (05/25/2007)

BPOE RawlinsBPOE Rawlins (05/25/2007) This is the BPOE lodge in Rawlins, Wyoming.

Public ArtPublic Art (05/25/2007) Buildings throughout Rawlins sport quality paintings.

Downtown RawlinsDowntown Rawlins (05/25/2007) A building on Cedar in downtown Rawlins, Wyoming.

Storm over RawlinsStorm over Rawlins (05/25/2007) A spring storm sweeps throught the streets of Rawlins, Wyoming.

Rainbow Over RawlinsRainbow Over Rawlins (05/25/2007) The storm breaks into a momentary Rainbow.

Rainbow over RawlinsRainbow over Rawlins (05/25/2007) A rainbow over Rawlins, Wyoming.

Cedar Chest GalleryCedar Chest Gallery (05/25/2007) A rainbow over Cedar Chest Gallery in Rawlins, Wyoming.

Rainbow over RawlinsRainbow over Rawlins (05/25/2007) I couldn't get the full rainbow in a single shot. This is the middle piece of three pictures.

Osborne BuildingOsborne Building (05/25/2007) The Osborne Building was named for Dr. Osborne who is noted for making shoes and wallets from parts of Big Nose George. Osborne was later became the first Democratic Governor of Wyoming in a contested election.

56 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-56

Rawlins, Wyoming

Rawlins is the Seat of Carbon County on I80 in Central Wyoming. The town was named for Civil War Veteran General John A. Rawlins. In 1882 General Rawlins was helping protect the transcontinental railroad. On tasting the water from a local Spring, he declared it the best he ever tasted. The town that formed around Rawlins Spring incorporated in 1886.

The elevation of Rawlins is 6,755 feet. They have a population of 8,538. The primary industries are gas and oil exploration along with providing services for interstate traffic.

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Sinclair, Wyoming (13 pictures) Sinclair, Wyoming is a small town formed around the Sinclair Oil Refinery East of Rawlins.

Green River, Wyoming (59 pictures) Green River, Wyoming is West of Rawlins.


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