Sinclair, Wyoming

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CabooseCaboose (05/25/2007) A Caboose on display in the central park at Sinclair, Wyoming.

Playground EquipmentPlayground Equipment (05/25/2007) Playground equipment in Sinclair, Wyoming.

Sinclair TownhallSinclair Townhall (05/25/2007) The townhall and police station in Sinclair, Wyoming.

Sinclair RefinerySinclair Refinery (05/25/2007) Sinclair is the namesake of Sinclair Oil.

Parco InnParco Inn (05/25/2007) Parco Inn in Sinclair Wyoming.

Parco InnParco Inn (05/25/2007) There is a small collection of cannons and statues on display in the road divider in front of the Parco Inn in Siclair, Wyoming.

Lilacs in BloomLilacs in Bloom (05/25/2007) Lilacs in bloom in Sinclair Wyoming.

Picnic AreaPicnic Area (05/25/2007) There is cozy picnic area in the Sinclair Central Park.

Parco Inn BuildingParco Inn Building (05/25/2007) A building in Sinclair, Wyoming.

Sinclair ParkSinclair Park (05/25/2007) Fireplace and covered picnic benches in Sinclair Park.

Sinclair Wyoming BusinessesSinclair Wyoming Businesses (05/25/2007)

CabooseCaboose (05/25/2007) A caboose let loose in the central park in Sinclair, Wyoming.

LilacsLilacs (05/25/2007) Lilacs in bloom in Sinclair, Wyoming.

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Sinclair, Wyoming

Sinclair is a small town (population 423) on Interstate 80 just East of Rawlins, Wyoming. The town itself was originally named PARCO. It was founded by oil barron Frank Emerson Kistler as a company town for workers at his refinery. The buildings in the town were designed by Denver Architectural firm Fisher and Fisher in the mid 1920s. PARCO oil failed in the oil gluts of the 1930s. The town was renamed Sinclair in 1943 after Harry F. Sinclair who founded Sinclair Oil company on May 1, 1916. The buildings of the town were owned by Sinclair Oil until 1967 when they were deeded to the inhabitants.

Sinclair Oil has been the subject of a number of mergers and spinoffs. Sinclair Oil is currently run by Earl Holding in Salt Lake City.

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Interstate 80 (98 pictures) Pictures from Interstate 80.

Rawlins, Wyoming (56 pictures) Rawlins is West of Sinclair on I80.


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