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Saint Ann s SchoolSaint Ann s School (03/23/2007) A view of the Kearns St. Anns school on 2100 South in Salt Lake City.

Saint Ann SchoolSaint Ann School (03/23/2007) Saint Ann School is a Catholic Primary School at 430 East 2100 South.

Saint Ann SchoolSaint Ann School (03/23/2007) The primary entrance to Saint Ann School.

Kearns-St. Ann SchoolKearns-St. Ann School (03/23/2007) The picture shows the main walk to the Kearns Saint Ann School in Salt Lake.

Side BuildingsSide Buildings (03/23/2007) I assume that this side annex includes a gymasium and additional classroom space.

Saint Ann Parris ChurchSaint Ann Parris Church (03/23/2007) Saint Ann Parrish in Salt Lake City has a distinctive wedge shaped church.

View of Mount OlympusView of Mount Olympus (03/23/2007) This picture shows Mount Olympus framed by the distinctive Saint Ann Church.

Saint Ann ChurchSaint Ann Church (03/23/2007) I suspect that the fence on the roof was added after construction when school children realized that it would be fun to get up on the roof. Come to think of it, I bet you would have a great view from the roof.

Saint Ann Parrish ChurchSaint Ann Parrish Church (03/23/2007) This web shaped structure is an extremely unique style.

Saint Ann ChurchSaint Ann Church (03/23/2007) This picture shows Saint Ann Church viewed from 2100 South.

Saint Ann GymnasiumSaint Ann Gymnasium (03/23/2007) This picture shows the gynmasium at Saint Ann School viewed from 2100 South.

Saint Ann SchoolSaint Ann School (03/23/2007) This picture shows St Ann School viewed from 2100 South.

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Kearns St. Ann School & Church

This gallery shows images of the Kearns St. Ann School and Saint Ann Church located at 430 East 2100 South in Salt Lake City.

The primary school building was designed by Carl M. Neuhausen, and was completed in 1899. The building was orginally used as a shelter for the orphaned and destitute children of the area run by the Sisters of the Holy Cross.

In the 1950s, the last of the orphans were placed in foster homes and the mission of the church changed to schooling children. Today the school teaches grades K-8.

The building was named for Thomas Kearns who was a successful miner in Park City, and later the owner of the Salt Lake Tribune. I assume that the name Saint Ann refers to Ann, the grandmother of Jesus.

Sometime last century, a wedge shaped church building landed just East of the school. Origins of the building seem to be in dispute. Well, at least I couldn't find a web site with information on the Saint Ann Parrish Church.

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