Salt Palace Convention Center

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Marriott Hotel and Salt PalaceMarriott Hotel and Salt Palace (06/25/2009) The Marriott Hotel is located across from the main entrance to the Salt Palace.

Tiled WallTiled Wall (07/12/2008) A tiled wall on the interior of the Salt Palace.

Inside the Salt PalaceInside the Salt Palace (07/12/2008) A hallway with conference rooms in the Salt Palace.

Images of the CityImages of the City (07/12/2008) This set of images of Salt Lake City decorate the escalators in the Salt Palace.

Ticket OfficeTicket Office (07/12/2008) Abravenal Hall was designed to jut into the city at acute angles.

Salt Palace EntranceSalt Palace Entrance (03/14/2007) The Salt Palace Convention Center is done up for Brainshare.

Salt Palace Convention CenterSalt Palace Convention Center (03/14/2007) The Salt Palace Convention Center is decorated for Brainshare.

Downtown MarriottDowntown Marriott (03/14/2007) The downtown Marriott is adjacent to the Salt Palace providing convenient access to Temple Square and downtown Salt Lake City.

BrainshareBrainshare (03/14/2007) The Salt Palace is decked out for Novell's Brainshare. I am now left wondering if the metal words at the center change with each convention.

Shilo InnShilo Inn (03/14/2007) The Shilo Inn is South of the Salt Palace.

Salt Palace ExpansionSalt Palace Expansion (03/14/2007) This is a section of the Salt Palace Expansion viewed from South Temple.

Distant ViewDistant View (03/14/2007) The demolition of the Salt Palace temporarily exposes the Salt Palace.

Salt Palace at DuskSalt Palace at Dusk (03/01/2003)

Salt Palace ExpansionSalt Palace Expansion (03/14/2007) This picture from the EnergySolutions Arena shows the Western Side of the newly expanded Salt Palace in downtown Salt Lake City.

Salt Palace ExtensionSalt Palace Extension (02/22/2001) This picture shows the East Entrance to the Salt Palace.

Salt Palace Convention CenterSalt Palace Convention Center (03/14/2007) This picture shows the West Entrance to the Salt Palace Convention Center.

Vehicle EntranceVehicle Entrance (03/14/2007) This is a vehicle entrance to the Salt Palace off South Temple.

Salt Lake CornerSalt Lake Corner (03/14/2007) This corner view, Southeast from the Salt Palace, includes the Olive Garden, Hilton Hotel, Wells Fargo Building and other buildings.

SouthsideSouthside (03/14/2007) This is the Southside of the Salt Palace Convention Center.

Salt Lake Convention CenterSalt Lake Convention Center (03/14/2007) This is the South Side of the Salt Lake Convention Center.

200 South200 South (03/14/2007) This picture shows a strip of 200 South (across from the Salt Palace). Green Street is in the basement of the red building

Abravenal HallAbravenal Hall (03/01/2003) Abravenal Hall at dusk.

Salt Palace SpireSalt Palace Spire (03/01/2003) This Spire is on the North end of the Salt Palace.

Salt Palace TowerSalt Palace Tower (03/01/2003) Zooming in on the the tower at the north end of the Salt Palace.

GridworkGridwork (03/01/2003) This grid work is on the Wyndham Hotel in Salt Lake City

Salt Palace lightingSalt Palace lighting (04/30/2003) The Salt Palace Convention center uses these intriguing columns to disperse light.

Salt PalaceSalt Palace (04/17/2010) Runners passing the Salt Palace on South Temple during the marathon.

Abravanel HallAbravanel Hall (04/17/2010) A fountain at the entrance of Abravanel Hall.

1-28 Pictures

Salt Palace

This gallery shows photos of the Salt Palace convention center in Salt Lake City. The Salt Palace is the primary covention center for the Salt Lake Valley.

The first Salt Palace was designed by Richard Kletting and built in 1899. The structure stood at 900 South State. It burned down in 1910 (Wikipedia, events).

The Second Salt Palace was a big round arena built in 1969. This building was a big round arena that served as home for the Utah Stars (a team in the ABA) and was home to the Salt Lake Golden Eagles hockey team. The Salt Palace Arena was demolished in 1994 and was replaced by the Delta Center at which time the Salt Palace was converted into a dedicated convention center. The Salt Palace served as the media center for the 2002 Winter Games.

From 2005 to 2006, the Salt Palace underwent a major expansion which increased the size of the facilities to 515,000 square feet of exhibition hall and 164,000 square feet of meeting rooms and ballroom space.

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